UDC News


April 7, 2009


The University of the District of Columbia Announces
a Seven-Week Summer Bridge Program

Washington, D.C. – The University of the District of Columbia’s (UDC) seven-week summer bridge program helps incoming freshmen prepare for the rigors of university work. Applicants must be accepted and committed to attending UDC as a full time student for fall 2009. The program kicks off from June 22 and runs until August 7th for at least 100 students entering UDC in the fall of 2009. The program is free for any student who has been accepted to UDC and commits to attending in the fall semester of 2009. Students who complete the program can receive up to one (1) credit hour of academic credit, incentives, awards, and will learn valuable skills to help ensure success in college.

The UDC Summer Bridge 2009 program, funded by UDC and Title III grants, was designed for students who will be enrolled as a first-year, full-time student at UDC, who can benefit from instruction and learning experiences that target the foundational academic skills needed for success in college courses. The program is also for those who are generally curious about what college life is really like and wants to experience it and share it with other entering college students. The program offers courses in Math, English, and Freshman Orientation. Academic advising, tutorials, workshops, and social activities are included in the seven-week experience. The program supports the university's commitment to excellence by providing students with a stimulating and challenging academic experience, personalized, comprehensive advising and counseling in an intellectually and socially enriching residential environment.

Esteban Olivares, director, First Year Experience Programs said participants benefit from personalized attention, individualized instruction, and accessibility to campus resources. “We have designed Summer Bridge 2009 as a student centered program that focuses on the transition from pre-university life to a full-time university experience. Students will not only be in the classroom but creating connections with peer-mentors, staff and faculty. Students will also have hands on experience with campus resources and space to explore what it means to be a college student.”

The program runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Free tutoring will be available in the afternoon. Students will be able to work on academic advising and financial aid to assure they are prepared for the fall quarter.

Counselors from DC Metro area schools who have students attending UDC in the fall are encouraged to have students submit completed applications by June 5, 2009. For additional information on the summer session or other aspects of UDC’s Summer Bridge Program 2009, please contact Esteban Olivares, director, First Year Experience Programs at 202.274.5248. Please visit us on the web at www.udc.edu/fye.


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Jackie Boynton, Assistant Vice President of Marketing, Communications & Alumni Relations, jboynton@udc.edu or 202.997.7161