UDC News


February 22, 2007

University of the District of Columbia “Calls Out”
Alumni with Reclamation Campaign

            Washington, D.C. — The University of the District of Columbia today announced the kick-off the “UDC Alumni Call Out: Reclaiming our Alumni.”  This campaign, which was introduced at Founders Day 2007 by Carrington Smith, president of the UDC National Alumni Society and Mary Thompson, alumni member of the Board of Trustees, will identify and reclaim alumni of the University of the District of Columbia and its founding schools:

                        - Miner Normal School             - Antioch Law School
                        - Wilson Normal School                       - District of Columbia
                        - Miner Teacher’s College                      Teachers’ College
                        - Wilson Teacher’s College                   - Federal City College
                                                - Washington Technical Institute


            In announcing the campaign, Ms. Thompson, a 1953 graduate of Wilson Teacher’s College, recognized the unique heritage of the University and the importance of maintaining a strong link to that heritage.  “I bring you a special invitation,” said Ms Thompson in addressing the University’s Founders Day convocation.  “An invitation to become involved as faculty, students and alumni in this campaign to attract graduates of UDC and all her predecessor institution to return to their alma mater.  (It is my) privilege to declare that the University of the District of Columbia’s campaign to reclaim its alumni has officially begun.” 

            Ms. Thompson went on to announce that Phil Fenty, father of Mayor Adrian Fenty, has agreed to serve as honorary chairman of the Alumni Reclamation campaign.  Mr. Fenty graduated from the University in 1977 with an associate’s degree in advertising design technology.

            University president Dr. William L. Pollard enthusiastically endorsed the campaign.  “We are mindful of our roots as an institution of higher learning,” said Pollard.  “This campaign will help us to nurture those roots as we include all our alumni in the life of this vibrant university.”
            More than 14,000 University alumni reside in the Washington D. C. area and employed in the metropolitan community of the nation’s capital.  Through the Alumni Reclamation campaign, the University hopes to reclaim all alumni, increase their interest and participation in University and alumni events and encourage them to contribute to the enhancement of the University.  Additionally, the University is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a series of events to include social activities, recognition ceremonies, fundraising events, media awareness and partnership development.  The events will occur throughout the city and on campus throughout the 2007 academic year culminating with a celebratory ball during the Homecoming celebration in late October, 2007. 

            As a part of the recognition ceremonies, the colleges of the University are featuring alumni during the year at various ceremonies.  During the year, the University will feature 30 artists, authors, businessmen, lawyers and judicial professionals, media personalities, architects, health care professionals etc. Another element of the campaign will be the induction of graduating seniors into the pre-alumni club that will transition them to their alumni society for continued involvement in the university.

            Information on the “UDC Alumni Call Out: Reclaiming our Alumni” campaign can be found on the University’s webpage:  www.udc.edu.            







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