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March 4, 2011


Read the Provost's Letter to the Community addressing concerns regarding the recommendations.
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[Preliminary – Pending Review by Faculty Senate, President, and Board of Trustees]

Executive Summary

Recommendations informed by

Overview of results

Flagship programs for new investment (track record of success and/or areas of high student demand and occupational growth in the Capital Region.)

Program Status Changes (Programs lacking evidence of viability or currency; consistent record of low enrollments, retention, and/or graduation performance; and/or do not provide the appropriate credentialing required for the labor market are recommended for reconstitution to improve academic quality and prioritize limited resources. In some cases, programs are recommended for discontinuation)

Structural and Curricular Redesign (comprehensive effort to restructure and strengthen all programs to ensure currency, high-quality, and consistency with student demand and occupational opportunities/competency requirements)

Reorganizations and Name Changes (Restructure departments to promote efficiencies and visibility of high demand programs; align names with student interests, current trends in the field, and occupational growth areas.)

Issues Raised During Public Hearing

Discontinued academic programs:…no foreign languages

Availability of University academic support services and tutoring to community college students

Easier for community college students to enroll in courses at other Universities in town than at UDC…

Disruption in all aspects of services and operations at CCDC….

They should speak to the leadership of the community college regarding this matter as they are the people responsible “on the ground” for solving problems.

Problems in transferring credits…

Would have to know the specifics of this complaint. If this student is a community college student wishing to enter a UDC baccalaureate program, there is no issue of “transfer” as he is already a UDC student earning UDC credits towards a UDC degree..

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