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April 13, 2010


University of the District of Columbia Foundation, Inc.
Announces Its Scholarship Awards for the 2009-2010 Academic Year

Washington, DC - The University of the District of Columbia (Flagship University) and the Community College of the District of Columbia (CCDC) enrolled over 5,000 students during the fall and spring semesters in academic year 2009-2010.  The Flagship University offers baccalaureate and master’s degree programs, and the newly created Community College offers workforce training, certificate programs, and associate degree programs, which are fledging components of the University System of the District of Columbia. The University System of the District of Columbia is aggressively implementing change to educate a larger population of the graduates of the District of Columbia Public Schools and students from around the world who desire to further their education in the Nation’s Capital. New programs have been established, discussions are underway to enhance the athletic program, satellite offices will be located in several District wards, and the physical grounds beautification project will help to make the campus inviting to the community. The University of the District of Columbia Foundation, Inc., the charitable arm of the University System, is proud to provide funding support and be an integral part of the positive changes taking place at the University.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

UDC Foundation Board of Directors, chaired by President Jeffrey E. Thompson and President Allen Sessoms of the University System of the District of Columbia are proud to announce the University “Scholars” for academic year 2009-2010. We thank our donors and supporters who have made a difference in the lives of over 100 scholarship recipients through financial gifts.

Please visit the University’s website at www.udc.edu to view additional information about the program offerings and exciting things happening at the institution, which includes numerous non-academic educational and training programs, events, and activities. While you are there, scroll through the information about the UDC Foundation and the prestigious list of endowed and named scholarships. We welcome your online gifts, which are needed to continue to advance the academic programs and provide scholarship opportunities for deserving students.  The Foundation is diligently working to build a strong funding source to guarantee scholarships for current and future generations.  We value our donors and appreciate their generosity…your gifts indeed make a valuable difference.

The Foundation’s 2009-2010 academic year scholarships and recipients are as follows:


Paul Phillips Cooke Scholarship (Contact:  Sandra G. Yates, 202.274.7024)
Judith M. Blagrove – Elementary Education
Marcia E. Cole – Early Childhood Education
Naomi P. Johnson – Spanish Education
Lihua Mao – Elementary Education

Norma Holloway and Julius A. Johnson Scholarship (Contact:  Alexander Howe, 202.274.5658)
Christopher Montana – English

Jazz Ensemble/Lab Band Scholarship (Contact:  Judith Korey, 202.274.5803)
Russell Carter – Music/Jazz Studies
Warren G. Crudup – Music/Jazz Studies
Erica M. Felder – Music/Vocal Performance
Matthew Peele – Music Education
Krislynn Perry – Music/Jazz Studies
Samuel Prather – Music/Jazz Studies

James E. Joseph Endowed Scholarship (Contact: Vernise Steadman, 202.274.6151)
Sheridan Easterly – Master of Applied Statistics
Felita G. Newby - Mathematics
Fredric D. Ratliff – Master of Applied Statistics 
Deloris Vann – Master of Applied Statistics

National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century Award
Caleb Banks – Music Education

Nutrition and Food Science Scholarship sponsored by the Center for Communications and the Environment (CECHE) (Contact:  Prema Ganganna, 202.274.5516)
Laura Butoyi – Nutrition and Food Science
Antoinette Gale-Monk – Nutrition and Food Science
Camilla Henry – Nutrition and Food Science

Max Robinson Scholarship (Contact:  Olive Vassell, 202.274.7371)
Marvin Baker – Mass Media/Journalism

(Contact:  Ben Latigo, 202.274.5220)

Xerox/SEAS Scholarship
Rajesh Atreya – Civil/Environmental Engineering
Ashish Bhandari – Electrical Engineering
Kibanou Bodjona – Mechanical Engineering
Ismael D. Boureima – Mechanical Engineering
Travis L. Branham – Civil/Environmental Engineering
Nirmal S. Chapagai – Electrical Engineering
Mademba Cisse – Mechanical Engineering
Sean Golash – Computer Science
Erica James – Mechanical Engineering
K.C. Pawan – Electrical Engineering
Sean Smith – Mechanical Engineering
Lavita Witherspoon – Electrical Engineering

(Contact:  Gwen Bush-Hodge, 202.274.7176)

Inez Arrendel Scholarship (Contact:  Sandra G. Yates, 202.274.7024)
Joyce Coates – Legal Studies
Kevin Coleman – Mass Media
Hadiarratou Diaby – Finance
Ana B. Garcia – Business Management
Zakiya A. Francois – Accounting
Rudolph Hedgman – Business Management
Marie S. Hemsley – Administrative Office Management
Angeline Hotio – Business Management
Daniel Ilboudo – Accounting
Jakeea L. King – Business Management
Tashima S. Pedroso – Business Management
Aliou Toure – Accounting

James Edward Miller Chapman Educational Foundation Scholarship
Veronica A. Davis-Addison – Accounting and Finance
Antonio M. Hoskins – Economics
Christina E. Johnston – Business Management
Debbie A. Spencer – Computer Science Information Systems

Odessa Starks Davis Scholarship sponsored by Norma Bullock
LaKisha M. Hyman – Business Management
Christina Johnson – Accounting

William McGowan Scholarship sponsored by William McGowan Charitable Fund
 Aicha Lompo – Master of Business Administration

PATHS Training Program Fund (Contact:  Antonia Nowell, 202.274.7106)
Iris Bowman                           Arnicia Hill                             Rian Milling
Khea Chambers                   Jessica Isreal                        Jerrhonda Moorefield
Jeaunel Davis                       Andrea Jackson                   Schneeka Parker
Keia Davis                            Shermain Jamison                Robin Paul
Misty Dickens                      Schienelle Johnson                Daneisha Payne
Kevisha Drew                       Aleta Joseph                          Alice Washington
Kelly Farmen                         Kadeisha Kemper                Tyanna Weeden
Tiffany Hager                         Linda Langford                      Shevonne Willis
Inga Hardin


PEPCO Scholarship
Kenneth Brooks, Sr. – Business Management
Shaun Covington – Business Management
Michelle Jackson – Procurement and Public Contracting
Joyce Thompson – Administration and Business Management

Peter Regis Scholarship
Navaneet Koirala – Accounting
Mbuyoti Malenga – Accounting
Jacque Nguama – Accounting

Verizon Scholarship
Emil R. Ashford – Economics and Accounting
Antoinette Forte – Economics
Nhi Le Nguyen – Accounting and Finance
Kemmell P. Watson – Business Management
Michelle C. Yue – Business Management

(Contact:  Edna M. King, 202.274.5312)

H.  Arnold and Julia B. Craft Scholarship sponsored by Raymond Gooch, Law Offices of Ross, Marsh & Foster
Yan Yan Chan – Electrical Engineering

First in My Family Scholarship
Antoinette Gale-Monk – Nutrition and Food Science
Marie S. Hemsley – Administrative Office Management

Charles A. Horsky Scholarship sponsored by the Covington and Burling Foundation
Mouhamed Diouf – Accounting
Carlos Palma – Aviation Maintenance Technology
Rosa Ramos – Nursing
Helene Traore – Nursing
Blen Zerihun – Chemistry

Masonic Emergency Fund of the Grand Lodge of DC sponsored by the Grand Lodge, F.A.A.M. of Washington, DC
Mahin Massey - Psychology

Pamela and Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. Scholarship
Marcus Pope – Graphic Design

Pentagon Chapter of Blacks in Government (BIG) Scholarship
Stephanie Wingate – Art
Tracy Wingate – Art


President’s Scholarship Award Program
Jorge E. Hernandez – Political Science

The HSC Foundation Scholarship
Kame-Ka Barnes – Language and Speech Pathology
Paula Buckner – Nursing
Pamela Confesor – Language and Speech Pathology
Heather Dixon – Special Education
Darnise Gaddy – Nursing
Anna Granger – Special Education
Dale W. Lyons – Special Education
Kathleen McLaughlin – Language and Speech Pathology

The Karuna Charities Washington, Inc. Endowed Scholarship
LaKeisha Walker - Nursing

Training Officers Consortium Scholarship
Ashley Harrington – Nursing
Valdis O. Ibeh – Political Science

UDC General Scholarship
Sranda Watkins – Early Childhood Education

UDC Presidential Scholarship for District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) Graduates
Maria Alvarez – Nursing



The University System of the District of Columbia is the only accredited public institution of higher education in the nation’s capital. Member institutions include: the University of the District of the Columbia, offering Bachelors and Masters Degrees in the College of Arts & Sciences, School of Business and Public Administration and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; The David A. Clarke School of Law, consistently rated one of America’s best public interest law schools; and the Community College of the District of Columbia, offering two-year Associate’s Degree and certificate programs. CCDC serves students by integrating workforce preparation, employability skill development, quality education and remediation, and continuous lifelong learning. As the only urban land-grant institution in the country, the University System supports a broad mission of education, research and community service.

The only urban land-grant institution of higher learning in the nation, the University System of the District of Columbia is committed to offering the highest quality education in a way that is accessible to all. Visit our website: www.udc.edu.

Edna M. King, University of the District of Columbia Foundation, Inc. eking@udc.edu, 202.274.5312