UDC News


October 26 , 2007



[October 26, 2007] -- The following statement was issued today by Stanley Jackson, Acting President of the University of the District of Columbia:


“Despite the inaccurate reports featured in the media over the last several days, we want to instill in our students, faculty, staff, and alumni a positive daily outlook that includes the power of a good education, the power of networking to establish positive relationships, and the power of working together in a collaborative way that will provide unprecedented opportunities for continued growth and personal development.” 


“As an example of this kind of partnership and collaboration, just last week, the University was honored with a visit from Africa’s first elected female head of state, her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of Liberia, who served as a guest lecturer for students enrolled in the course “Social Stratification, Power and Inequality” as a part of the Emmy-Nominated mtvU Series “Stand In”.  Additionally, students, faculty and staff were also honored with a visit from the Honorable Vincent Gray, Chair of the District of Columbia Council.  Chairman Gray participated in the Office of the President’s “Afternoon Dialogue” series.”


 “I have had the honor of serving as the Acting President of the University of the District of Columbia since July 1, 2007. Since taking the helm of this University, the District of Columbia’s only institution of public post-secondary education, I have assembled an excellent group of leaders to guide UDC through the challenges ahead. A new Chief Financial Officer, a new Contracting and Procurement Officer, and a new Dean of the School of Business have been hired.  In addition, an Interim Vice President for Student Affairs has been appointed.  This team, in turn, has already helped populate a dedicated campus community with a new wave of talented and energetic faculty, staff, and students.


“During my short tenure and for the first time in the recent history of the university, budget call meetings were reintroduced to review budget status and financial analyses are being conducted by each department.  In addition, we are reviewing FY 2007 spending patterns, and in the process of recommending the realignment of departmental budget priorities for FY 2008 and preparation for FY 2009; while promoting accountability, responsibility and transparency in the operations of the University. 


“Every agency in the District of Columbia closed its books for Fiscal Year 2007 on September 30th.  The University of the District of Columbia is no different.  This process entails a city-wide audit which requires considerable analysis and is not yet complete.  It would be speculative, premature and irresponsible to comment on the outcomes of this audit.  The final city-wide audit report known as the “CAFR” is due to Congress by February 1, 2008. 


“As part of our pledge to provide high-quality education at a variety of levels to the citizens of the nation’s capital, we are dedicated to improving business practices and building an infrastructure that is both flexible and responsive to the needs of our students.  We remain committed to this goal.”







            The University of the District of Columbia is the fully-accredited sole public source for accessible, inclusive, affordable, and comprehensive public higher education in the District of Columbia and provides additional life-long learning opportunities. The University delivers quality instruction and uses student-centered approaches to empower and benefit both individuals and its local communities.  The University, an urban land grant institution, is a very diverse community, a gateway to the world, and a significant investment engine for the District of Columbia.  The University is located at 4200 Connecticut Ave, NW Washington, and is conveniently located at the Van Ness/UDC stop on the Red Line of Metro.  For more information on other University activities, contact Mike Andrews, Senior Director for Communications and University Spokesperson at (202) 274-5685 or visit the University’s web site at www.udc.edu.