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Title III

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The Title III Office has now been awarded three additional grants by the US Department of Education.

  1. HBCU
  3. HBGI (Law School)

Click here to see break down in Title III Allocations to UDC

Title III are grants awarded by the U.S. Department of Education to developing institutions (with particular emphasis on Historically Black Colleges and Universities) to assist in the realization of each institution’s Strategic Plan. The main Title III primary award for 2012-2017 to UDC totals upward of $12 million. These funds will be used to support approved projects across the campus.

Title III grants are vital to the development and success of institutions around the nation, and UDC is fortunate to have these resources in order to rebuild, reclaim, and renew the proud legacy of this institution. We will continue to sponsor activities designed to make a difference.


To be UDC’s most efficient and service-oriented office with a staff responsive to the needs of administrators, students, faculty and staff.


  1. To expend Title III funds appropriately in supporting the institution’s Strategic Plan.
  2. to monitor attainment of stated activity objectives
  3. to support activities and services designed to increase student retention and graduation.


To represent UDC in the HBCU community and to be a resource for presidential /provost initiatives.

Core Values

Integrity, Fairness, Excellence, Quality, Accountability and Innovation.