Sustainable DC

Mayor Gray recently announced an ambitious initiative to create a comprehensive sustainability strategy for the District called “Sustainable DC.” The planning process for this unprecedented strategy kicked-off with a series of discussions in September.

With this new initiative early in the first term of Mayor Gray, residents will have a unique opportunity to help develop a plan and environmental vision for the next decade. This meeting is a follow up to the initial kick-off meeting held on September 28, 2011. For a summary of the first meeting, click on the following link:  DC Planning Meeting.

When: Wednesday, November 2 @ 6:30pm to 8pm

Where: Building 44, Room 110, College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences, Van Ness Campus of the University of the District of Columbia

For more information about Sustainable DC, visit  or contact Laine Cidlowski, Sustainability Planner in the DC Office of Planning at 202.442.7600.
This meeting is hosted by the Sustainability Initiative of the
University of the District of Columbia