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Student Development and Success

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Programs & Services

Career & Professional Development Center
The Career & Professional Development Center offers in person and online services designed to provide students and alumni of the university the opportunity to plan a systematic job search that gets results.  Assistance is provided with career planning, resume and letter writing as well as negotiating job offers.  Special events offered by Career Services include career fairs, graduate school fairs, alumni/student mixers, on-site employer interviews and tours designed to explore graduate school opportunities on campuses throughout the U.S.

Counseling and Student Development Center
The Counseling Center is responsible for providing assistance to students in clarifying values, learning about self, developing coping skills, exploring career options, and improving decision making skills towards their academic and career goals. 

Financial Aid
The Office of Financial Aid is committed to helping students to bridge the gap between their personal resources and the cost of attending an institution of higher education.  Students are provided the highest standards of a quality program, which administers the federal financial aid program according to federal, state, and University regulations, policies, and guidelines.

Health Services
The University Health Services provides optimal physical and emotional health among, students, faculty, and staff.  The Office of Health Services provides mandatory and routine preventive health care, general medical and initial response to emergencies occurring on campus, and mental health therapy and referrals.

Student Health Insurance Website - First Student

New UDC Student Health Insurance Plan

Judicial Affairs
The Office of Judicial Affairs helps to maintain the integrity of the matriculation process by fostering respect, by ensuring the dignity of all students, faculty members, and staff; and by creating an appropriate environment for success at UDC.  The Office of Judicial Affairs oversees proceedings in accordance with the UDC Student Code of Conduct, Resolution No. 2003-3.

Records Management
The Office of Records Management assures the retention and protection and retrieval of vital records essential to the authenticity of documents filed at the University.

Student Ambassadors
Student Ambassadors assist the University of the District of Columbia's Administration and staff with a variety of University activities.  Student Ambassadors conduct campus tours, attend college fairs, serve as host/hostess for selected University programs, and assist with registration, and various other University events.

Student Employment Program (SEP)
The Student Employment Program (SEP) is designed to offer students an opportunity to use and develop their skills, creativity, and responsibility by applying concepts learned in the classroom to an office setting while at the same time providing a service to the University.

Student Governance and Leadership (SGA & GSGA)
The Undergraduate Student Government and Graduate Student Government Associations (known as USGA and GSGA, respectively), are bodies of elected and appointed students who represent the interests of their peers at the University.  Student participation in governance of the University is achieved through the associations' involvement with various University councils and committees. The USGA and GSGA both offer opportunities for students to exercise leadership skills in affairs related to student life and development.  The Associations provide forums for exchanges of ideas, skills, information, and other resources of the University and the public and private sectors.  The extra and co-curricular activities and opportunities for students are through participation in organizations and student clubs that foster and promote self-governance, that ensure social and intellectual forums, and that provide opportunities for physical, cultural, and scholastic assessment and development.

Disability Resource Center
The Disabilities Resources Center is responsible for the over site of reasonable accommodation for students with documented disabilities and assist the University community to understand the effects of disabilities and to eliminate the physical, technical, and attitudinal barriers that may limit the range of opportunities for students with disabilities.  These provisions are mandatory and must meet the requirements of the American Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

TRIO and College Preparatory Programs | Upward Bound and Educational Talent Search
The Office of TRIO and College Preparatory Programs serves as the articulation unit between the District of Columbia Public Schools, the residents of the District and the University.  The University provides for low-income and first generation college students the opportunity to enroll in career and state of the art degree programs as well as experience the college environment that prepares students to become productive citizens of the District of Columbia.