ASEE Mid-Atlantic Fall Conference
ASEE Mid-Atlantic Fall Conference

ASEE-2013 Mid-Atlantic Fall  Conference

October 11-12, 2013

University of the District of Columbia
School of Engineering and Applied Science
4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW | Washington, DC 20008

Chair, Dr. Paul Cotae
phone | phone 202.274.6290


Student Poster

You are invited to participate in Student Poster Presentation of Mid-Atlantic ASEE Conference at UDC on Saturday October 11, 2013. The deadline to submit 300 to 500 words poster abstract has been extended to October 1, 2013. The students are invited to make a poster presentation for developing projects which will focus on the theme of engineering and/or engineering technology with STEM educational learning. The poster should be fully the work of the student or the student team and completed before they have received their degree from their colleges or universities.

Poster Specifications: The physical requirements for the posters are listed below.

  • Posters shall consist of a standard 36" high x 48" poster board, or equivalent (center panel shall be 24" wide with 12" side panels on either side of the center panel).
  • Posters shall be set on one half of an 8-foot table or provided display panel.
  • Poster boards shall be of standard student presentation quality (typically made of corrugated cardboard) and shall stand on their own when opened.
  • Participants may use tape, glue, or pushpins to make attachments to the poster. Students may use one poster per group.
  • All supporting display material must fit on or under the table with the poster in the space provided.
  • Projects that develop systems larger than a tabletop shall use models and photographs for demonstration purposes.
  • The students can provide live demonstrate of their working projects at the poster display table.