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Department of Mechanical Engineering
Building 42, Suite 213
4200 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20008
phone 202.274.5126 |  202.274.6232 | | image UDC ME

Located in the heart of the nation’s capitol, the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) offers one of the few and longest-standing ABET accredited Mechanical Engineering (ME) bachelor’s of science (BS) programs in the DC region.

Faculty and Staff

Veronica Williams
Ph: 274-6286, Fax: 202-274-6232
Dr. A. Segun AdebayoDr. A. Segun Adebayo, Prof. & Chair
PhD, 1978, MIT
Research: Aerothermodynamics of Modern High-Performance Compressors, Aero-Acoustics and Fluid-Structure Interactions
Ph: 202-274-5039, Room 42-213 R
Dr. Pawan TyagiDr. Pawan Tyagi, Assistant Prof.
PhD, 2008, University of Kentucky
Research: Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy, Biosensors, and Advanced Manufacturing
Ph: 202-274-6601, Room 42-213 E
Dr. Kate KleinDr. Kate Klein, Assistant Prof.
PhD, 2009, University of Tennessee 
Research: Nanomaterials Synthesis & Characterization, Microscopy, In-situ Experimentation, and Mechanical Properties of Materials
Ph: 202-274-7131, Room 42-213 N
Dr. Lara ThompsonDr. Lara Thompson, Assistant Prof.
PhD, 2013, MIT-Harvard
Research: Biomedical Engr., Postural Control, Balance Aids & Vestibular Prostheses, and Rehabilitative Technologies
Ph: 202-274-5046, Room 42-213 M
Dr. Jiajun XuDr. Jiajun Xu, Assistant Prof.
PhD, 2013, University of Maryland
Research: Advanced Thermal Management Technologies & Systems, Micro/Nanoscale Heat Transfer and Energy Conversion
Ph: 202-274-5048, Room 42-213 O