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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - Mission

The mission of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department is reflective to both the missions of the University of the District of Columbia and the mission of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The EE Department is striving to provide educational opportunities that will prepare the students for effective and productive careers in the Electrical Engineering profession, for graduate-level studies, and for lifelong learning. The goals of the electrical engineering program are:

  • To provide graduates with a strong engineering background which enables them to enter the engineering workforce serving the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and elsewhere;
  • To provide graduates with an adequate background to pursue advanced engineering studies; and
  • To produce graduates who are computer literate and proficient in written and oral communication and have an understanding of the ethical responsibilities of the engineering profession.

The first two objectives are reflective of the University's mission, which reads in part "These programs will prepare students for immediate entry into the workforce, for the next level of education, for specialized employment opportunities, and for lifelong learning." The third objective is consistent with the University's Goals, as stated in its current catalog, which include "Student Achievement: To set high standards for student achievement and to provide quality instruction and support services to enable students to meet those standards."