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RE Project in Ethiopia - AMBO Project

The joint project undertaken by the Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy of UDC and Hope2020 in Ethiopia was completed in July 2008. The project includes a renewable energy power station consisting of a solar PV array and a wind turbine, a 10,000 liter water reservoir, a submersible pump and a water well. The water reservoir provides clean potable water to a community of about 1,300 people in Faris Senkele.

The project site is at the Faris Senkele site, near the town of Ambo in Ethiopia, 70  miles from the capital Addis Ababa.

The following pictures (linked) highlight:

1. The initial well drilling;

2. The erection of the PV array support pole;

3. The solar/wind hybrid power station;

4. The water reservoir with 8 water taps; and

5. The inauguration of the power station on July 24, 2008 (more pics 1, 2, 3)


And video clips from youtube: