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A New Vision for a New Time

The University of the District of Columbia is undergoing an ambitious program of renovation and renewal. And we, at the School of Business and Public Administration, are in full start-up mode, reinventing our curricula and practices to better prepare our graduates for a world none of us can even imagine.
An end to business as usual
We are upending the status quo. Questioning the way “things have always been done.” Breaking down departmental silos and creating interdisciplinary programs that inspire innovative thinking and doing.
Thinking outside the box—and classroom
In the coming months, we plan to meet with companies large and small to learn what they will demand of employees of the future—so we can develop new educational offerings. We will be meeting with economic, political and industry think tanks to identify the trends that will affect our students’ livelihoods and prosperity—now and in years to come. And we will look for new ways to deliver on our land-grant mission of community service by giving students the tools to lead the new breed of profits, nonprofits, and social enterprises.
Creating a culture of entrepreneurship
As an undergraduate, I owned a record company. As a graduate student, I started a soap company and, later, a real estate firm. For me, as for nearly 80% of students today, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. We are developing the academic and experiential blueprint to bring your business dreams to reality.
Investing in your success
From new programs to new technologies, we are building on our strengths and transforming SBPA to make our degrees worthy of your passion and hard work. We invite you to bookmark this page and visit us often for updates.
Richard F. Bebee, PhD
Dean of the School of Business
and Public Administration
Follow me on Twitter @RichardBebee
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