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Dr. Sylvia R. Benatti
MPA Program Coordinator
Associate Professor


Main Office


MPA Mission Statement

The mission of the University of the District of Columbia’s (UDC) Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is to prepare effective and ethical leaders with strong managerial skills that build strategies to help shape policy and solutions that meet demanding challenges in the government and nonprofit sector.

The UDC MPA program has three major program goals that directly reflect the mission of our program.

Goal 1: To prepare students to lead and manage in diverse environments.

The Metro area covers the borders of two states and the District of Columbia with multiple levels of government and plethora of governing systems. Within the District of Columbia alone, there are nearly 9,000 nonprofit organizations not including those located in Northern Virginia and Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.

  • This goal addresses our mission to provide the Washington Metro area with “knowledgeable ethical leaders.”
  • Public Service Value - The MPA program emphasizes ethical values, creative critical thinking accountability and transparency.

Goal 2: To prepare students to conduct basic and applied research in the areas of public and nonprofit administration.

  • Our mission statement includes a commitment to developing “competent leaders”. An academic method for developing leadership competency is through conducting scholarly and applied research.
  • Public Service Value - The MPA program emphasizes ethical values and creative critical thinking and encourages innovation in problem solving. The public service value is demonstrated in UDC’s value of applied research.

Goal 3: To prepare students to apply ethical principles and concepts in organizations.

  • A primary purpose of our Mission is to prepare competent leaders to serve the public sector.
  • Public Service Value – The value of public service work.