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4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Building 42, Room 214

Washington, DC 20008

Phone Number: 202-274-7106


Job Readiness Workshops

Through the identification of barriers to employment, PATHS job development customizes pathways to gainful employment for program participants. Job development provides TANF recipients with job readiness skills utilizing the following five prong approach.

  1. Orientation (before training)
    • Attendance of job readiness workshops - The workshops aid in assessing and addressing barriers to working by providing the following services such as:

o Preparation of resume
o Interviewing skills
o Professional attire

• The workshops equip the students with a host of professional skill development to foster, for example, time management, team building, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills.
• These workshops also seek to build soft skills that are transferable from the personal life into the training and ultimately into the work place.

  1. Internship (concurrently with training)
    • The purpose of the internship is to provide students with a well rounded work experience that further develops core skills in their area of concentration.
    • Internship placement sites include internal and external partners.
    • The purpose of the internship is to provide students with the opportunity to practice newly acquired skills while developing professional relationships that can aid in securing future employment.
  2. Job Development/ Exit Series (after training)
    • The final phase of job development is the exit series. The exit series is comprised of workshops including:
    • Job search
    • Resume writing
    • Appointment(s) with Suited for Change
    • Exit surveys
    • Mock interviews (critiqued by peers and instructor)
    • Completion of portfolio.
    • The workshops equip the student with goal orientation – “Now that I have completed training, what’s next? (defining: where do I want to work), action planning (steps to securing employment), and execution (submitting applications and interviewing).
    • Students exit with a portfolio including resume, cover letter, completed DC and federal Government applications, certifications, and list of references.
  3. Placement (note examples of site’s students are employed)
    • The PATHS approach to job development includes partnerships, research, creating employer networks, and remaining engaged in the community.
    • Students successfully completing all training requirements and certifications have been placed throughout the District’s Metropolitan area. These placements include local government, private and non-profit businesses as well as local universities.
  4. Monitored for six months leads to eligibility for incentive stipend
    • Students are eligible for an incentive stipend after six month employment tenure.