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4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Building 42, Room 214

Washington, DC 20008

Phone Number: 202-274-7106


Case Management Services

Case Management Services assists students with a host of services and resources for effective barrier removal and achieving balance with personal/life issues. These efforts work to help students achieve their career goals.
Case Management involves the assessment of each student to develop an individualized employment plan. Our customized approach meets the individuals’ need and preferences for vocational training. As students receive services external of the PATHS Program, the case management team follows up with referrals to ensure delivery of services.
As individual career plans are developed by the student, case management ensures each receives a combination of personal and professional growth tools:

  • Job skills training
  • Adult literacy
  • Job development
  • Post secondary education opportunities
  • GED preparation resources
  • Other services as needed

Program Features

Comprehensive Case Management Services provides, but is not limited to:

  • Individual guidance and counseling
  • Individualized program planning and service development
  • Delivery and coordination of services
  • Referrals to additional external and internal resources
  • Customized approach to meet individual needs

Addressing Typical Barriers

• Child Care
• Transportation
• Domestic Violence
• Personal Conflicts/Issues

GED Preparation

Based on a variety of assessments, students are referred to adult basic education classes focusing on reading, writing, vocabulary, math and basic computer skills. Courses are designed to increase student’s confidence in preparation of the successful receipt of the GED.

Adult Literacy Overview

During the initial orientation, every student is provided an assessment to determine individual needs. Students are referred to adult literacy class to increase literacy skills and ability to enter the competitive workforce.

Domestic Violence

Students experiencing domestic violence are referred to an ESA designee program to provide a host of services for those experiencing domestic violence. Services are provided to help abused women regain control of their lives through empowerment.

Personal Conflicts/Issues

As problems are shared, students are referred to the university student counseling services. The student counseling services provide counseling and support services to UDC and PATHS students.

Outreach and Retention

Our outreach efforts are extended to DC residents currently receiving full TANF benefits. The PATHS program provides opportunities to strengthen skills, guide in the professional development and career pathways, and introduces to those interested, the possibility of entering into the University system as a college student. Our outreach efforts are focused on linking TANF customers into training opportunities.


Recognizing that one of the most effective ways to increase student retention is by removing personal and employment barriers before training begins, we provide special service planning that is designed and implemented for our participants. Typical barriers to training include, but not limited to, homelessness, the need for reliable child care, transportation and domestic violence.