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SBPA Alumni

Our alumni are our greatest strength and asset. It is easy to re-connect with us—please take a moment and update your information on our database (click here).  Also, click here, for some of our alumni network possibilities. If you have any question, please email us at sbpa_alumni@udc.edu or call 202.274.7000.

You are our partner in success, and for that we say thank you.  Together moving forward, we will take our School to new heights.  Your contribution and/or participation in scholarship and internship ventures, community involvement will make all the difference in the lives of others. Won’t you join us?


"It was this institution that instilled in me a work ethic and resolve that still drives me today. It was this institution that taught me to think analytically, critically, and with a goal of always digging for the truth."
Judge Michael Pearson, Youngest Sitting Judge on the Circuit Court of Prince George’s County, MD

Ms. Norma Lancaster Bullock

Ms. Norma Bullock is an alumna of the School of Business. She instituted a Scholarship since 1983, year when she graduated. "I have benefitted, personally, in large measure from the high quality education received from my professors in the School of Business and Public Administration. I will be eternally grateful for how they positioned me for a very successful Federal career. Sincere best wishes for continued growth and success"
Ms. Norma Lancaster Bullock

Chief Kenneth Ellerbe
"My name is Kenneth Ellerbe and I'm happy and proud to say, (I am) a graduate of the Master's in Public Administration program here, at UDC".
Kenneth Ellerbe
DC Fire & EMS Chief
Class of 2007
Master of Public Administration