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"Retention is everyone's business."

Retention Plan Goals - 2011





Decrease the SSI Service Excellence gap score of 1.62 to less than 1.00 and/or raise the student satisfaction score to 5.2 or higher by March 2011.

Increase student satisfaction


Assess and determine the data needs of the Retention Committee and develop a structure for data acquisition by December 2010.

Data Integrity


An annual return rate of return rate of 70 percent for first-time, full-time entering UDC Flagship campus in fall 2011.

Implement recruit-back initiatives in December 2010.

Review specific academic and advising guidelines for students on probation (such as the 12-block rule that moves a full-time student to part-time status after the first semester if placed on probation).

Study asses and improve the connect of the freshman Orientation Course and make the course mandatory for all Freshman

Focus on Learning Communities (SOAR 4, SBP Freshman Focus)




Ensure campus policies are student-centered, student-friendly, and appropriate for a flagship campus.


Review communication avenues to facilitate internal, external, and e-communication across campus.

Improve faculty and staff communication.

Review and revise, where necessary, all communication Strategy



Achieve a graduation rate of 40 percent in four years for the fall 2010 first time, full-time entering student cohort.


Institute a mandatory Early Alert program

Improve student engagement at the University

Monitoring student performance in the first year experience

Create a realistic "snapshot" of a successful UDC students


Increase the number of graduates each year beginning fall 2009 by 5 percent.

Create a profiles of student cohorts

Assess special support services currently available for each of the preceding groups.

Determine needs to facilitate progression, and graduation for each of the preceding groups.

Increase supplemental instruction and support for killer courses

Improve the career services available to students

Development of a career mentoring program

Design and implement an entrance survey and interview mechanism

Determine the data needed to create a profile of transfer students



Esteban Olivares
Director of Academic Advising and Retention
Retention Committee Co-Chair

Kimberly Pennamon
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs
Retention Committee Co-Chair

Upcoming Events

HBCU Retention Summit
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