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Office of the Registrar

Main Office: Bldg 39, A Level | phone 202.274.6200 | fax 202.274.7445

Office Hours: 8:30–5:00 Mon - Fri

Fall 2015 Semester – Mark Your Calendars!
November 6Last Day to Withdraw from Classes Without Academic Penalty
December 10Last Day to Effect a Total Withdrawal
(all classes)


NamePhoneEmailOffice Location
Tiania Bridges202.274.6100tiania.bridges@udc.eduBldg. 39 A-Level, Rm 135

Secretary: Change of Address, Change of Major, Course Withdrawals

Janelle Curvan202.274.6101jcurvan@udc.eduBldg. 39 A-Level, Rm 135

Management Assistant: Change of Name, Transcript Processor (O-Z), Enrollment Verifications (O-Z)

Angela Kenion-Whynn202.274.6451akenion-wynn@udc.eduBldg. 39 A-Level, Rm 135

Management Assistant: Change of Majors, Graduation Clearance, Residency/Problem, Address Updates, Enrollment Verification (I-N)

Nakia Pugh202.274.5693nakia.pugh@udc.eduBldg. 39 A-Level, Rm 135

Office Manager: Day-to-day management of Office , Liaison for Student Concerns, Verifications

Toni Robinson202.274.6348lrobinson@udc.eduBldg. 39 A-Level, Rm 135

Management Assistant: Transcript Support, Customer Service Representative

Joel Street202.274.5211jstreet@udc.eduBldg. 39 A Level, Rm 135

Management Assistant: Change of Name (Alternate), Transcript Alphabet (A-H), Enrollment Verification (A-H), Social Security Number Changes, Change of Major, Address Updates

Rev. 11/21/2012