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Office of the Registrar

Main Office: Bldg 39, A Level | phone 202.274.6200 | fax 202.274.7445

Office Hours: 8:30–5:00 Mon - Fri

Fall 2015 Semester – Mark Your Calendars!
August 24-28Last Day to Register for Fall 2015
September 11Last Day to Apply for Fall 2015 Degree
November 6Last Day to Withdraw from Classes Without Academic Penalty
December 10Last Day to Effect a Total Withdrawal
(all classes)


NamePhoneEmailOffice Location
Tiania Bridges202.274.6100tiania.bridges@udc.eduBldg. 39 A-Level, Rm 135

Secretary: Change of Address, Change of Major, Course Withdrawals

Janelle Curvan202.274.6101jcurvan@udc.eduBldg. 39 A-Level, Rm 135

Management Assistant: Change of Name, Transcript Processor (O-Z), Enrollment Verifications (O-Z)

Angela Kenion-Whynn202.274.6451akenion-wynn@udc.eduBldg. 39 A-Level, Rm 135

Management Assistant: Change of Majors, Graduation Clearance, Residency/Problem, Address Updates, Enrollment Verification (I-N)

Nakia Pugh202.274.5693nakia.pugh@udc.eduBldg. 39 A-Level, Rm 135

Office Manager: Day-to-day management of Office , Liaison for Student Concerns, Verifications

Toni Robinson202.274.6348lrobinson@udc.eduBldg. 39 A-Level, Rm 135

Management Assistant: Transcript Support, Customer Service Representative

Joel Street202.274.5211jstreet@udc.eduBldg. 39 A Level, Rm 135

Management Assistant: Change of Name (Alternate), Transcript Alphabet (A-H), Enrollment Verification (A-H), Social Security Number Changes, Change of Major, Address Updates

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