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Research Academy for Integrated Learning (RAIL)

Location: Building 41, Level 1

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Office Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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The Committee for Online Learning (C4OL)

Mission | Goals and Objectives | Definitions | (C4OL) 2015 Members


The mission of the Committee for Online Learning (C40L) is to develop and disseminate guidelines, policies and procedures that facilitate online teaching and learning at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC). As a committee, C4OL has established guidelines consistent with the standards set forth by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and National Best practices. In addition, the Committee for Online Learning will lead UDC's assessment practices of online course proposals and online courses as well as guide the University's Institutional Strategic Planning process for Online Learning.

Goals and Objectives

To define the criteria for online certification and competencies to teach online;

  • To define the criteria for online certification and competencies to teach online;
  • To provide policies and procedures for online teaching and learning;
  • To help the university and individual departments expand online offerings;
  • To advise RAIL on collaborative activities, shared expertise and knowledge, and to develop a Blackboard template for online course offerings;
  • To assess the proposed delivery of online courses, which meet the same standards as traditional courses using QM Assessment guidelines;
  • To provide support and guidance to the university community and departments;
  • Guide faculty in ADA compliance and considerations for online learning;
  • To evaluate the online teaching and learning process relative to the University's mission;
  • To help establish an information literacy component in all academic programs;
  • To keep abreast of changing federal policies impacting Online Learning and serve as a resource to the institution;
  • To identify barriers and impediments to expanding online education and work toward resolution;
  • To provide periodic reports, guidelines, and instructional material to support online education;


Online Course: A broad term that includes Distance Education courses and Blended Instruction. A course that provides most all instruction over the internet and has no required on-campus components, with the exception of proctored assignments or exams when applicable. 80-100% online activities = Online course. Designated as: 0 and sections 30-39.

Hybrid/Blended Course: A course that combines online and face-to-face (F2F) instruction utilizing Blackboard. Physical meeting times must be listed in the Schedule of Courses. 20-79% online activities= Hybrid/blended course. Designated as: Hand section numbers 60-66.

Traditional Course: A course that meets entirely face-to-face; may utilize Blackboard as an enhancement. 0-19% online= Traditional course or technology enhanced traditional course. Designated as: T

How HOT is your course?

H- Hybrid/Blended Course; 0- Online Course; T- Traditional Course

The Committee for Online Learning (C4OL)

2015 Members - Forthcoming