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Request for Blackboard Course Shell

Want to develop a new online or hybrid course? All new online and hybrid courses must be created in the Blackboard test site. In order to do that, you must complete the request form below for a new course shell.  

New courses created on the test site must be peer reviewed prior to being moved to the Blackboard production site. Upon completion of all online and hybrid courses, faculty must submit the Online Course proposal or Hybrid Course proposal form. Upon completion of the appropriate form, the request with all required signatures must be provided electronically to Dr. Carl Moore, .

The following steps for requesting Blackboard course shells:

  1. Fill out Blackboard Course Shell form.
  2. Once you submit the form, the Blackboard Administrator will create the course shell.
  3. You will receive an email within 3-5 business days with login information and other instructions if applicable.
  4. When you have completed building your course and would like it moved to the Blackboard production site, the course must first pass the internal peer review process. 
  5. Please complete the appropriate course proposal form for submission.
  6. Once your course has received approval, it will be moved to the Blackboard production site.

Complete the form below to request a Blackboard course shell. If you have questions or require assistance, contact us at 202.274.6628 or via email at

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** All new courses created must be peer reviewed before they are moved to Blackboard 9.1 (production site)