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Research Academy for Integrated Learning (RAIL)

Location: Building 41, Level 1 | 202.274.6628 | 202.274.6012

Office Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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The Research Academy for Integrated Learning (RAIL) 

RAIL is a mission driven division under the University's Academic Affairs branch, created to provide support and tools that enable pedagogical innovation to improve the educational experience of students. RAIL faculty members investigate, apply, and experiment with new tools, electronic course enhancements, Blackboard building blocks, and mobile devices. RAIL faculty members provide professional development opportunities on the use and implications of resources and tools that enhance pedagogy and technology effectively integrating and aligning these objectives to learning outcomes. RAIL supports faculty in the exploration and use of new and emerging technologies to enhance teaching and learning and to support the development and assessment of online, blended, and hybrid course design. The Academy provides technology and media workshops for hands-on practice, as well as provides seminars to share experiences and best practices for teaching and learning.  We also provide support to faculty for their course management system (Blackboard) and facilitate a 24/7/365 Blackboard Help Desk.

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Sloan Consortium HBCU Leadership Summit for Online Learning
HBCUs: Breaking Barriers to Expand the Legacy into Online Learning
October 29, 2014
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