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Research Academy for Integrated Learning (RAIL)

Location: Building 41, Level 1

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Office Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Grade Center

The Grade Center is the main place to leave secure feedback to students on their progress on assignments. If you create Assignments within your course for students to submit their work, these will be automatically linked to the Grade Center.


About the Grade Center
Accessing the Grade Center
Setting Up the Grade Center
Using Smart Views in the Grade Center
Customizing the Grade Center View
Creating and Managing Grade Center Columns
Entering Grades
Grading Assignments
Grading Group Assignments 
Grading Tests
Including Comments with a Grade Entry 
Viewing Grade Details
Working With the Grade History 
Viewing and Downloading Grade History 
Overriding Grades 
Deleting and Clearing Grades 
Calculating and Exempting Grades 
Using Rubrics
Creating a Rubric
Associating a Rubric with a Gradable Item
Working with Grade Center Reports
Working Offline with Grade Center
Customizing the Instructor’s View of the Grade Center

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