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Research Academy for Integrated Learning (RAIL)

Location: Building 41, Level 1 | 202.274.6628 | 202.274.6012

Office Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

YouTube RAIL Online

Approved Online Courses

CollegeDepartment/NumberCourse Name
A&SANTH  113Introduction to Anthropology
A&SBIOL    101Biological Science Fundamentals I
A&SBIOL    102Biological Science Fundamentals II
A&SENGL   111English Composition I
A&SENGL   112English Composition II
A&SENGL   213Introduction to Critical Writing
A&SENGL   470            Peer Tutoring
A&SENGL   470            Children's Literature
A&SENGL   515Writing Proficiency
A&SGEOG 105World Cultural Geography
A&SHIS 101US History to 1865
A&SIGED 210Discovery Writing (Climate Studies)
A&SMMED 107Introduction to Mass Media
A&SMMED  216Media Ethic
A&SMUSC  105Music Appreciation
A&SPOLI 206Introduction to American Government
A&SPOLI 307The Legislative Process
A&SSPED    204Introduction to Education of Exceptional Children
A&SSPLP  513Sociolinguistics: Survey of Social Dialects
A&STHEA   104Introduction to Theater Arts
CAUSESNURS   305Professional Nursing Issues in Practice
CAUSESNURS   350Ethical Issues in Nursing
CAUSESNURS   464Urban Communication Health Issues
SBPABGMT  309Introduction to Electronic Commerce
SBPABLAW  503Business Law and Ethics
SBPABSEF    214Personal Finance
SBPABSEF    514Investment Analysis
SBPAMGIS    402      Management Information Systems
SBPAMKTG  304Introduction To Marketing  Management
SBPAMKTG  304Introduction To Marketing  Management
SBPANPMG  530Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector
SBPAPACC   407Contract Negotiations
UDC-CCENGL   111CEnglish Composition I
UDC-CCENGL   112CEnglish Composition II
UDC-CCMUSC  105CMusic Appreciation  
UDC-CCSCCH   115CPublic Speaking

Online/Hybrid Courses Being Peer Reviewed

CollegeDepartmentCourse Name
None at the time

Online/Hybrid Courses Being Constructed

CollegeDepartmentCourse Name
A&SEDUC   500Introduction to Urban Teaching
A&SEDTE    501Practicum I: Observation in Multiple Urban Settings
A&SEDTE    590Graduate Teacher Education
A&SHIST    102US History since 1865
A&SIGED 111Honors Foundation of Writing II: Cyberpunk in Fiction and Film
A&SIGED 111Foundation of Writing II: Love and Death
A&SIGED 130Honors Foundations of Oral Communication
A&SIGED 210Writing the Thug: The Glorified Bad Boy in Literature and Culture
A&SIGED 210Children's Poetry
A&SIGED    220Discovery of Quantitative Economic Reasoning
A&SIGED 270-02Discovery Diversity
A&SJOUR 314Feature Article Writing
A&SMATH 113Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry I
A&SMMED 105Process and Communication
A&SPOLI 207Black Politics
A&SPOLI 307Political Science
A&SSPLP 224Anatomy and Physiology of Speech, Language and Hearing
A&SSPLP 560Clinical Practicum
A&SECED 208Emergent Literacy
CAUSESENSC 357Urban Sustainability
CAUSESNURS 354Gerontological Nursing Theory
CAUSESNUT 8333Nutrition in the Life Cycle
SBPABGMT 407Multinational Corporate Management
SBPABGMT 510Sustainability Entrepreneurship
SBPABSEF 314Business Finance
SBPAMGIS 405Introduction to Telecommunication
SBPAMKTGGraduate Business Research
SBPAPAPC 304Purchasing and Materials Management
SBPAPAPC 305Federal Acquisition System
SBPAPMG 519Public Policy Development & Implementation
SBPAPGMT 503Introduction to Public and Non Profit Administration
SBPAPMGT 506Government and Business Relations
SBPA Advocacy and Public Policy
UDC-CCCHEM   106General Chemistry
UDC-CCECED 206cInfant Education
UDC-CCENGL 113CTechnical Writing
UDC-CCENGL 215Creative Writing
UDC-CCMATH 101cGeneral College Math I
UDC-CCMATH 102cGeneral College Math II
UDC-CCMATH 115cIntensive Pre-Calculus