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Office of Public Safety & Emergency Management

Emergency Communications Center
Building 39, Room C04 | phone 202.274.5050 | fax 202.274.7486

Open 24/7/365

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Emergency Plan

The Emergency Management Plan (EMP) provides the University of the District of Columbia community with procedures and organizational structure for response in the case of any emergency that may cause a significant disruption of the functioning of all or portions of the University.

The EMP describes the roles and responsibilities of departments, schools, and personnel during emergency situations to facilitate a quick, safe, and efficient response.  These procedures were created to protect lives and property by effectively using the resources of the UDC and the community

These emergencies may include but are not limited to the following:

  • bomb threats
  • fires or explosions
  • criminal activity (hostage, assaults, active shooting or homicide)
  • hazardous materials releases within the building (chemical, biological or radiological)
  • inclement weather (floods, storms, tornadoes, etc)
  • utility failures

Evacuation Chairs:

Evacuation Chairs are used during the emergency evacuation of someone with a mobility-related disability.  For emergencies such as a fire or earthquake, elevators should not be used for the emergency evacuation of a building.  People with mobility-related disabilities may become trapped or have to wait for a lengthy amount of time to be rescued.  These chairs are designed so that an even a small helper can assist a large disabled person down a flight of stairs in a timely manner and with ease.  These chairs are located in the following locations:

Level 2 @ Elevator Alcove
Level 3 @ Elevator Alcove
Level 2 @ Elevator Alcove
Level 3 @ Stairway
41 (Main)
Level 2 Stair 3 beside elevator
Level 4 Stair 4 Hallway
Level 5 in front of elevators
41 (Learning Resource Center)
Level 1 by periodicals & references
Level 2 @ elevator
Level 3 Middle Elevator @ Electrical Closet 3M03
46 (East Auditorium)
Level B near elevator next to extinguisher
47 (Physical Act.)
Level 1 Center Stairway
Level 3 Elevator Foyer
Level 5 diagonal to double elevators


Pandemic Flu Plan


Emergency Procedures and Sign
These signs have been placed in all University buildings at or near central elevators. These signs identify the potential emergency situations and the proper actions to take in the event such an emergency was to occur. 



Evacuation Drills

Evacuation Drills will be conducted on campus periodically to ensure that the UDC community is aware of evacuation procedures during an emergency situation.  This also enables UDC personnel to practice his/her roles and responsibilities in the event of an emergency situation.

Drill Dates:  TBA