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OCP is centered on Best Practices, Innovation, Pragmatism and Collaboration.  Our goal is to build and maintain excellent team relationships with the University community.  OCP advocates independence rather than dependency. 


Intent to Award Sole Source Contract

(Closed solicitations and contract awards can be found here.)

Contractor shall provide a CX23 Microscope.
Olympus America, Inc.

Contractor shall provide physical apparatus, computer interfacing and software supplies.
Pasco, Inc.

Contractor will provide new and updated audio/visual components to new UDC Student Center
MCW Solutions, LLC 7/26/16

Contractor will provide installation of Hybrid NVR Surveillance Cameras in Buildings 41 & 52
Advantech, Inc. 7/13/16

Contractor will provide Technical Upgrade to HD (High Definition) Digital Production and Video and Audio Production and Distribution Systems and Equipment Purchase for Cable TV
Human Circuit 7/7/16

Contractor will provide NSC Wellness Center Surveillance System Enhancement
Advantech, Inc. 6/28/16

Contractor will provide Campus-Wide Surveillance System Enhancement 2016
Advantech, Inc. 6/28/16

Contractor will provide Preventative Maintenance Services for the Student Center
Limbach Company 5/26/16

Contractor will provide Pest Control Services
Ecolab 3/23/16

Contractor will provide Parking Services software
Whitaker Parking Systems, Inc. 3/23/16

Contractor will provide auxiliary services consultation
PBP, LLC 3/23/16

Contractor will provide Space Planning Software - College NET Inc.
College Net Inc. 3/21/2016

Contractor shall provide a PhaseFMR spectrometer to record electromagnetic (EM) waves.
Quantum Design, Inc 3/11/2016

Contractor shall provide a Trigno Wireless EMG System which would aid in the study of the human neuromuscular system and body movement.
Delsys, Inc 3/11/2016

Contractor will Upgrade Video Production Lab
Human Circuit, Inc | 09/8/2015

Contractor will provide Agricultural Farming Equipment and Accessories
Pequea Planter, LLC | 08/24/2015

Contract will provide Agricultural Farming Equipment-Evers Vario-Disc
Autrusa, Inc | 08/21/2015

Contract will provide a Flexar PDA Plus Detector will all its software components.
PerkinElmer LAS, Inc | 06/22/2015

Contractor will do provide the Smart Grid Solar and Wind Power Generation Trainer
Echoscan - 6/22/2015

Contractor will do Phase V - High Definition Upgrade of the studio, master control automation and post-production systems for UDC Cable TV
Human Circuit - 6/12/2015

Contractor will upgrade the customized video editing software and hardware to integrate the equipment into the existing LAN
Human Circuit 12/15/2014

Contractor will provide 500lbs Smokehouse for the University's Muirkirk Farm
Temba Engineering Systems 09/10/2014 

Contractor will provide experimental lab equipment for educational and testing purposes
US Didactics, Inc. 07/28/2014

Contractor will provide Campus Wide Surveillance System Enhancement.
Advantech Inc. | 7-11-2014

Contractor will provide a walkway system that measures human foot and gait pressure while standing and walking.
Tekscan Inc. | 5-29-14

Contractor will provide a convection and radiation heat transfer unit.
Ronald A. Williams | 5-14-14

Contractor will provide SRV02-ET Rotary Servo Plant with real time hardware
Quanser Consulting Inc | 4-3-14

Contractor will provide Pioneer 3-DX  Mobile Robot System
Adept Mobilerobots, LLC | 2-24-14