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Office of Contracting & Procurement

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Building 39, 2nd Floor
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7:00am – 5:30pm Mon - Fri

OCP is centered on Best Practices, Innovation, Pragmatism and Collaboration.  Our goal is to build and maintain excellent team relationships with the University community.  OCP advocates independence rather than dependency. 


CBE Awareness Program

The University of the District of Columbia has a social economic obligation to support the development, economic growth, and retention of District-based businesses, and promote economic development throughout the District and also be in compliance with the District of Columbia mandate that 50% of our expendable budget is spent with CBEs.

To further enhance the University’s (CBE) Awareness Program and continued compliance with the Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) law for the District of Columbia, the Office of Contracting and Procurement will be hosting their first presentation for the CBE Awareness Program to educate the University Community about DSLBD and CBEs.

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