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Spring Semester 2017 Parking Permits will go on sale at the University's Cashier's Office on Monday, December 28, 2016! 

University Parking Operations strives to deliver great customer service for all patrons, provide well maintained parking facilities and efficient services. 

Parking Rates

Daily Parking Rate

Duration Daily RateDiscount Rate*
0-30   MinutesFreeFree
30 Minutes-1 Hour$5.00$3.50
1-3   Hours$8.00$3.50
3-6   Hours$12.00$3.50
6-24 Hours$20.00$3.50
Lost Ticket Rate$20.00$20.00

*Note: Only University students, faculty, and staff are offered the Discount Rate for daily parking.

Permitholder Parking Rate:

ClassificationFallFall/Spring (Union)Fall/Spring (Non-Union)Fall/Spring/Summer(Union)Fall/Spring/Summer (non-Union)


Parking Operations Office

Van Ness Campus
Building 39, Room 107
phone 202.274.6181

Office Hours
Monday - Friday (9:00am - 5:00pm)
Saturday and Sunday (Closed)

Forms and Documents

Parking Application
Guest Validation Ticket Request (internal purposes only)
Parking Permit Refund Form
Parking Memo 8.5.13 - Parking Notice
Parking Anti-passback Policy


Citations and Appeals

Parking citations are issued by University Public Safety.  Parking appeals are handled by the District of Columbia Adjudication Services located at 301 C Street, NW. Washington, DC 20001 and the telephone number is 202.737.4404.