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Office of International Programs & Exchange

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Bringing a global and international focus to UDC's courses of study.

Traer un enfoque global e internacional para la UDC cursos de estudio

Apporter une approche globale et internationale à des cours de l'UDC de l'étude.


جلب التركيز العالمي والدولي لدورات الشركة المتحدة للتنمية للدراسة.


To position the University of the District of Columbia to lead in the provision of local, national regional and worldwide cooperation in higher education.


The mission of the Office of International Programs and Exchange (OIPE) is building international and global partnerships to foster global competency as a learning outcome for all students; to provide services to international students and to integrate a global perspectives into the curriculum of our university system.

OIPE’s mission is achieved by developing and maintaining cooperation with international institutions that facilitate learning experiences for students, faculty, staff and the community, regarding the substantive impact of globalization. OIPE is the principal resource for faculty, students and staff in the internationalization of education on campus. OIPE promotes effective communication between American and international students by facilitating their engagement in effective cross cultural exchanges. OIPE contributes to faculty development by coordinating a program of international co-curricular activities and the participation in international research through regional and international linkages.

OIPE promotes academic and cross-cultural learning through worldwide partnerships with government and non governmental agencies, and civil society institutions. OIPE works to facilitate academic mobility through innovative, affordable exchange, and study abroad programs. OIPE seeks to enhance the institutional infrastructure of UDC to foster campus internationalization.


In support of our mission, of UDC OIPE will create a network, to:

  • Enhance the quality of education for all students through international exchange and promote international understanding and cross-cultural learning.
  • Promote direct-immersion with emphasis on semester and year-long experiences.
  • Uphold high standards in the conduct of exchange and study abroad programs.
  • Provide affordable access to international education for students of all backgrounds and in all fields of study.
  • Leverage resources for the mutual benefit of partnering institutions.
  • Remain committed to facilitating student and faculty mobility and the internationalization of education on campus and curriculum through institutional collaboration within an established network.
  • Build on the strengths of individual member institutions through innovative and flexible approaches that enable students and faculty to access and benefit from the academic programs and support systems of host institutions.
  • Provide efficient and effective international students services.