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New UDC Web Site Design Launches

We are proud to announce the launch of UDC's new web site design:

The new site's focus has changed from the previous site's "Everything for Everybody" approach and is much more targeted on achieving UDC's enrollment objectives in support of the University's mission:

  • Primary focus: Prospective Students. This supports the University's goal of increasing enrollment to target numbers.
  • Secondary focus: Current Students & Retention. This helps to support and maintain our current students.
  • Use myUDC Portal. The web site is for providing "external" information. The myUDC portal is designed to provide "internal" information to UDC students, faculty and staff.
  • Less Text, More Images. Information should be easy to find and pages should be quick to read.

Some of the highlights of the new site design include:

  • Modern "look and feel". The old site was looking...old. Not anymore.
  • More engaging Home page. Bigger Feature Story section, searchable Majors/Degrees Listing, Spotlights, Faces, News, Events, streamlined/focused menu system and search bar.
  • New Program Pages. All Bachelors and Masters programs have new pages targeted to our prospective students. These pages highlight the programs, faculty and career outlooks for that major.
  • More interesting page design. Any page can now feature a slideshow to highlight news and events related to that page and each slideshow image can be linked to any other page.
  • Attractive "Section" pages. The new layout (such as this one for Admissions) allows users to more quickly find what they're looking for.
  • myUDC Portal. Links to myUDC are on every page at the top right, providing quick access to email, GradesFirst, announcements, student and employee resources and all other internal communications. The myUDC link is also featured on the new home page near the bottom right.

We realize that this is a significant change from past versions of the web site, and we look forward to benefits that will come from focusing our site primarily on our new and prospective students.

This project is the result of months of collaboration between many teams across the university. We would like to thank the enrollment management committee, the program chairs, the representatives from student affairs, the web team, our design and marketing consultants, and everyone else who participated in making this project a success.

If you have photographs, quotes or other content that would help to highlight UDC on our site, please feel free to contact us and let us know.  We are always looking for fresh, exciting stories and news to feature on our site. 

If you have any suggestions, questions, concerns or comments about the new site, there is a Web Site Feedback link at the bottom of every page. Use this link to send us your thoughts. They will be entered into our database for ongoing enhancements of the site.  A few sections of the web site are still being converted to the new design.  We appreciate your patience while we complete the transition.

New Site Quick Tips


Log into myUDC using the same username and password you use for email, then click the Email link in the top right of the screen.
myUDC Email link positioning


Log into myUDC using the same username and password you use for email, then click the Blackboard link in the top right of the screen.
myUDC Blackboard link positioning