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UDC Right Sizing:
Frequently Asked Questions

To provide you with the very latest information on right sizing at the University of the District of Columbia, we've created this Frequently Asked Questions page, which will be updated as questions and updates are received.

What is right sizing?

Earlier this year, the District of Columbia City Council passed legislation that requires the University take a look at its current staffing structure and move to become more efficient. In the course of doing that, the Board of Trustees has undertaken an effort to rethink what the University does and whom it serves. The end result will be a leaner University more capable of responding to the needs of the community and its students.

Why does the University have to right size?

Over the years, the University has added many programs to its curriculum. Many programs have thrived while others have not. Right sizing is about determining the right functionality for the University, given its current size and capacity.

How will I be affected? 

The Board of Trustees has had open meetings to discuss how the right sizing might impact students and employees and will have more. The right sizing plan is being introduced to the Mayor and City Council now and will be discussed openly over the coming days and as the details are applied.

Where can I read the right sizing plan?

The right sizing plan can be reviewed here.

Where can I find more information about the plan or answers to questions not on this page?