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Nutrition and Food Science Program
College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Science
University of the District of Columbia

Announces an Advocacy Lecture

Cultural Competence in Community Service

Dr. Edwin J. Nichols
Respected Clinical and Industrial Psychologist
Co-Author (with Bruce A. Jones) of the Book,
Cultural Competence in America’s Schools:
Leadership, Engagement, and Understanding

Monday, November 18, 2013

2:00 p.m. to 4:50 p.m

Building 44, Room A-03 of the University of the District of Columbia

This workshop is hosted by the UDC Community Nutrition: Advocacy in Action class taught by Dr. B. Michelle Harris. We are inviting students, faculty, and staff of CAUSES and other schools and colleges of UDC.

This program is designed to increase awareness of challenges facing those who work to reduce health disparities where the health-care workforce lacks diversity. Participants will be moved to translate this growing awareness into action for serving the health care needs of individuals and families in their community.

Contact Dr. B. Michelle Harris at
202.274.5739 for more information and to RSVP.

Edwin J. Nichols, Ph.D. is a Clinical/Industrial Psychologist, working in Organization Development.  He is Director of NICHOLS AND ASSOCIATES, Inc., an applied behavioral science firm, effecting technology transfer to organizations, based on principles of philosophy, basic and behavioral science. His hallmark paradigm: The Philosophical Aspects of Cultural Difference.  He provides services to Fortune 500 Corporations, foreign governments, national government agencies, parastatals, associations, health and mental health systems.  His commitment is to help organizations achieve systemic congruence through cultural competence; thus, assuring the value added, the competitive edge and an increased market share.

Starting in 1969 until retirement in 1989, Dr. Nichols held various clinical administrative positions at the National Institute of Mental Health.  He last served as Director for Technology Transfer.  From 1974 to 1977, Dr. Nichols was a Visiting Professor at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.  After developing norms for Nigerian children, he established the Child’s Clinic for psychological assessment and evaluation.  As Associate Director, Cleveland Job Corps Center for Women; he introduced the concept of place as a totally therapeutic milieu.  He taught Psychiatry at Meharry Medical College, Nashville.  There, he developed the nation’s first Adolescent Day Hospital where clients were mainstreamed into the public junior high school system.  At Kansas Neurological Institute, an affiliate of the Menninger Foundation, Topeka, he demonstrated dance therapy as an intervention model for severely retarded and the extremely physically challenged.

International Organization Development consultation has been to the British Commonwealth of Nations’ Centre for Management Development in Canada, Guyana, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom.  Other foreign engagements include Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, and Venezuela.  In 1997, he established and developed consultant relationships with organizations in Singapore, Malaysia and China.  These countries were most interested in developing Culturally Competent Global Managers.  Dr. Nichols offers Executive Coaching per the models of Prof. Dr. E. Kretschmer and Prof. Dr. I. Kohler.   

Dr. Nichols was educated at Assumption College, Windsor/Canada; Eberhardt-Karls Universität, Tübingen/Germany; Leopold-Franzens Universität, Innsbruck/Austria where he received his Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology and Psychiatry, cum laude.  His awards include being a Fellow of the Austrian Ministry of Education; a Visiting Scholar for the Rockefeller Foundation at the Bellagio Study Center, Italy; Harvard University Foundation, Distinguished Clinical Psychologist; Public Service Awards from the United States General Service Administration, the Department of Justice and the Social Security Administration.  Dr. Nichols served in the Army during the Korean War.  He has two adult children, Dr. Lisa Nichols psychologist New York,  Edwin L Nichols, Import/Export Shanghai, China and granddaughter Maya.


Cultural Competence in America’s Schools: Leadership, Engagement and Understanding
Jones, Bruce A.     Nichols, Edwin J.
IAP - Information Age Publishing,     Charlotte, NC 28271     704.752.9125