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MA in Early Childhood Education

The MA in Early Childhood Education prepares teacher candidates for classrooms in Pre-school thru grades 3. The degree consists of 34 credit hours.

Coursework is held in evening hours to accommodate working professionals. Field experiences - which take place in P-3 school settings - require some daytime availability. The final semester requires a full-time apprenticeship.

For a full-time student, pre-service requirements can be completed in Fall I, Spring I, and Fall II. The apprenticeship experience semester is Spring II. Recommended semesters for each course are indicated in parentheses. Part-time students may work through pre-service requirements at their own pace, but must complete all pre-service requirements in order to be eligible for the apprenticeship semester of full-time, field experience.

Foundations of Urban Education Core Courses:
Courses that prepare you to make a difference with diverse, high-needs learners.

  • EDUC 500: Introduction to Urban Teaching (1 credit; Fall I)
  • ECCC 501: Applying Child Development Theory in Early Education Environments (3 credits;    Fall I)
  • ECCC 502: Impact of Home, Community, and Culture in Urban Early Childhood Education (3 credits; Fall I)
  • ECCC 503: Exceptional Education, Differentiation and Inclusion in Urban Early Childhood  (3 credits; Fall I)
  • ECCC 504: Assessing Learning in Early Childhood Classrooms (3 credits; Spring I)
  • ECCC 505: Managing the Early Childhood Environment (3 credits; Spring I)

Content-Pedagogy Strand
Courses that prepare you for teaching P-3 grade curriculum across content areas through inquiry and engaged learning.

  • ECCI 510: Developing Language and Literacy in Urban Early Childhood Education (3 credits; Spring I)
  • ECCI 511:  Teaching Math, Science, & Technology to Young Urban Learners  (3 credits; Fall II)
  • ECCI 512:  Developing Academic and Social Skills through Play and the Arts (3 credits; Fall II)
  • ECCI 513:  Teaching Young Learners about the Self and Society (3 credits; Fall II)

Culminating Experience – Student Teaching or Thesis
Student teaching is recommended for degree candidates who wish to work with young children directly (and is required for licensure). The thesis option is recommended for degree candidates interested in research or advocacy.

  • ECTE 590: Apprenticeship in Urban Early Childhood Education (6 credits; Spring II)
  • CNSL 532: Introduction to Research and Program Evaluation (3 credits; Spring)
  • ECTH 590: Thesis in Urban Early Childhood Education (3 credits; Spring or Fall)

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