Innovations in Social and Business Entrepreneurship Business Plan

Dr. Wayne R. Curtis

Wayne Curtis is the Acting Director of the Center for Urban Entrepreneurship, which is within the School of Business and Public Administration (SBPA), at the University of the District of Columbia.  Wayne’s research focuses on Social Entrepreneurship and Wealth building strategies for working class Americans.  Wayne is an Adjunct Professor at the SBPA, where he teaches sustainability entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, and introduction to business.  Wayne is a certified online instructor through the Quality Matters initiative, and recently completed his nonprofit and educators grant development certificate.

Prior to joining SBPA, Wayne Curtis lists his work as an advisor to the Mayors of New York and Philadelphia on matters of economic development as one of the most fulfilling opportunities of his career.   In both instances, Wayne worked with new initiatives that sought to retain businesses (New York) and expand the effectiveness of a central economic development agency.  Wayne worked with two money center bank investment houses in the 80’s and a Government Sponsored Enterprise for nearly sixteen years, structuring transactions with bonds, debt and equity.

Wayne earned a Master of Science in Economic Development from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture and Planning and a Bachelor of Administration, with honors, from Harvard University. He received his PhD in Leadership and Change from Antioch University.

 He currently sits on the board of a privately held thrift, the Mentor Capital Network, the Emeritus Board of the Children’s Law Center, and consults federal and local officials on housing and economic development policy, strategy and organizational change.