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UDC at a Glance: This brochure offers a snapshot of UDC statistics in an easily printable format. Click here for more info.

UDC at a Glance

To request University official data, please send your request to Please include detailed specifications such as time period requested (term, fiscal year, academic year, financial aid year, etc.), required data elements, urgency of the request, purpose of the data request, etc.. Please leave your contact information in case we need some clarification on your request.


UDC applicant, admit, and enrollment information provides insight about the number of students interested in attending the University and how many of the accepted students actually enrolled. The data presented here show a two year comparison for both Fall and Spring Semesters.

Fall 2008 - 2009 Apps, Acceptance & EnrollmentSpring 2008 - Spring 2009 Apps, Acceptance & Enrollment
Fall 2007 - 2008 Apps, Acceptance & Enrollment