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UDC at a Glance

Please review the website to meet your data needs. In the event you need additional data not posted please complete the Data Request Form.

Mission, Goals and Vision Statement


The Mission of the Office of Institutional Research is to collect, interpret, analyze, report, promote, and assist in the use of data to support institutional planning and effectiveness, policy formation, and operation and management decisions.


Following from OIR’s mission, the Office’s goals, and corresponding key benchmarks, are to:

  1. Play a leadership role in ensuring that the data required by internal and external university stakeholders, both mandatory and requested, is collected and communicated in a timely, accurate, customer friendly, and efficient manner
  2. In partnership with the Office of Information Technology, conduct at least one data collection and quality control audit for every major division of the university each year.
  3. Submit 95% of all mandatory and regularly-scheduled internal and external reports in a satisfactory manner (complete, accurate, professional, and by the deadline identified on the report submission calendar).
  4. Respond in a satisfactory manner to 80% of all ad hoc customer service data and reporting requests.
  5. Achieve an 80% satisfaction rate in OIR’s annual customer survey
  6. Facilitate improved institutional effectiveness, strategic planning, operations, policies, and programs through the analysis and use of qualitative and quantitative data
    1. Participate in at least 3-5 meetings with university leadership to present data-driven recommendations for improvement every semester.
    2. Demonstrate a connection between OIR data analysis and at least one institutional improvement in each area every semester.
  7. Foster a culture of data-driven decision making, assessment, and accountability, and serve as a resource to university constituencies for developing and strengthening continuous quality improvement (CQI) systems to promote these outcomes
    1. Provide technical assistance to at least 3-5 different university constituencies on their CQI systems every semester.
    2. Demonstrate a connection between OIR activities and at least one systemic, sustained improvement in the university’s use of data.   
  8. Identify higher education institutional effectiveness best practices and innovations, and assist the university to use this information to improve academic and administrative performance  


The Office of Institutional Research is a strategic partner to the university stakeholders, executive staff, academic deans, members of the management team and faculty.  OIR’s aim is to provide direction and support to further institutional effectiveness and accountability.  OIR is the first-choice provider of timely, high-quality, accessible management information and analysis for informed decision-making at the University of the District of Columbia.