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Office of Information Technology

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Password Resets & Unlocks

Welcome to the University of the District of Columbia Self Service password system. If you have locked your account, or have forgotten your password, you will be able to use this system to unlock & reset your account. If you have used the system before you can click directly on "Unlock Account and Reset Password". If you have not used the system before you will need to register while you currently have access with your password to enroll in this functionality.


If you have not registered your security questions with go to the Account Registration page to begin so that you can use the self service password reset.

Unlock Account and Reset Password

After you have registered, you can unlock your locked account or reset your lost password for your UDC Network account as necessary.

Update Registration

If you wish to update your security questions for your account click the link above.

Self-Service Login Account

If you are unable to login to open a web browser, you can access the self-help system by logging on to any UDC computer as:

Username: selfhelp
Password: selfhelp

This will automatically take you to the self-service program.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the self service password reset please contact or contact the help desk at 274.5976.