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Fire & Life Safety Guidelines

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  • Maintain at least 36” of egress pathway in all work areas.
  • DO NOT store furniture, file cabinets, or chairs in hallways, exit corridors or stairwells.
  • Extension cords are used as a source of temporary power and can only be attached to one electrical device. It is unlawful to use an extension cord in lieu of permanent wiring. Contact Campus Services for all electrical additions and modifications.
  • DO NOT overload electrical outlets or power strips.
  • DO NOT use extension cords or power strips sequentially.
  • DO NOT use extension cords with heat producing devices, power strips, or refrigerators.
  • DO NOT store excessive combustible material i.e. boxes, paper, chemicals in your workspace or on bulletin boards.
  • Stack materials no closer than 24” from the ceiling in a non-sprinklered area and 18" in sprinklered areas.
  • DO NOT create tripping hazards e.g. cords lying in the egress pathway or underneath rugs/carpet. All loose cords running across walkways must be secured and are only to exist temporarily.
  • DO NOT block emergency equipment i.e. Fire Extinguishers, Electrical Panels, Emergency Eye Wash/Shower Stations, Fire Emergency Pull Stations.

Disclaimer: All the guidelines listed above are enforceable regulatory codes and are subject to enforcement action by District and Federal Code Enforcement Officers. If you have questions regarding fire and life safety compliance, contact University Campus Services or Environmental Health & Safety for further assistance.

To contact us:

Campus Services - 202.274.5865

Environmental Health & Safety - 202.274.7180