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Grades First

GradesFirst is a web-based student performance monitoring system that provides automated student services and communication between faculty, academic advisors, peer tutors, study hall monitors, Student Support Services staff, and students.

The purpose of Grades First

GradesFirst Early Alert pinpoints at-risk students early in the term to allow for intervention when students need it most. GradesFirst makes it remarkably easy for UDC Academic Advisors to intervene and provide the student the support they most need.

GradesFirst has actively worked to create a system designed to engage students in ways they are currently communicating. Our four primary methods of student interaction are:

  • Text messaging

  • Smart phone mobile applications

  • Facebook integration tools

  • Email communications

Timely and effective communications delivered in methods students use every day is the single largest opportunity to increase student retention results. GradesFirst automates the capability to:

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate

  • Provide online appointment scheduling

  • Centralize and share student documentation

  • Schedule follow-up interactions

  • Log and track student interactions

  • Deploy resources where they will be most effective

GradesFirst data analysis make it easy to spot trends and focus on correcting potential problems before they escalate.

We are committed to providing the necessary tools to facilitate easy analysis of critical data. Successful data analysis allows the examination of raw retention activity data and organizes it into useful information and logical conclusions. Without accurate data analysis it is impossible to determine the outcomes of any retention efforts