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Main Office
Felicia H. Murphy-Phillips, CFRE | Executive Director, UDC Foundation | 202.274.5319 | phone f.murphy-phillips@udc.edu
Building 52, Street Level | phone202.274.5312 - Foundation
phone202.274.6411 - Development | phone 202.274.6411 | phone foundation@udc.edu

Please add to our legacy and support the next generations of leaders and visionaries for our city, our country and the world.

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Board of Directors

Joseph ("Joe") M. Perta

Beverly J. Burke
Beverly J. Burke


Judith Terra

Christine A. Warnke

Frederick A. Douglas

Dr. Gabriela D. Lumus

Barrington Scott

Mah-ki M. Fox
UDCNAS - Non Voting Member
Ronald Mason, Jr.
Ronald Mason, Jr
(Director, Ex-Officio)
Felicia H. Murphy-Phillips
Felicia H. Murphy-Phillips
(Ex-Officio, Non Voting Member)