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Dr. Calvin Lewis

Research Associate

Cooperative Extension Service ; 202.274.7163

Research Interests: Dr. Lewis served as Co Principal Investigator of Vice President Gore’s National Performance Review Initiative, the task force on reinventing Government. Additionally, he served as the Director and Research Advisor, Technology and Innovation Task Force to the White House Conference on Small Business (WHCSB). He presented research findings and conclusions to the Russian Federation State Commerce for Support and Development of Small Businesses in the cities of Moscow and Petersburg at the behest of President Clinton. For the last year, as a Research Associate for Cooperative Extension Service, he has focused on Urban Agriculture Research. As a result, he has produced (3) significant publications: Gentrification: Destruction or Creation of Neighborhoods, Understanding Cooperatives and Their Impact on Communities and Quality of Life, and DC Market Maker- Food Industry Direct Marketing-Increasing Profits for Minority Farmers and Improving Diet and Health for DC Consumers.

Selected Honors and Awards
The Stan Tempkins Award- Design of a computerized research tracking system for Institutional Review Boards
The Clara Franklin Award- Innovative Research in Ethics Education
The Bob Scanlon Achievement Award-Individually Prescribed Instructional Research in Reading and Math

Career in Brief
PhD- Educational Policy and Administration- University of Minnesota, 1975.
Principal Investigator, National Network of 100 School Districts, Research for Better Schools, Inc, 1992-1996
Associate Professor, Peter Ducker Institute of Business Management and Education ,University of Minnesota, 1985-1987
Vice President, International Government Education Programs, Control Data Corporation, 1987-1996
National Manager, Research and Instruction,, 2002-2006
Research Associate, Cooperative Extension Service, University of the District of Columbia, 2007- present