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Anne Marie Jean-Baptiste, RN, CCRN, MSN

Assistant Professor

Department of Nursing; Tel: 202.274.5942

Research Interests: High blood pressure (HBP), also known as hypertension, is the most common chronic disease among blacks in the U.S and a major cause of disability and death, contributing to the mortality gap between blacks and whites. Uncontrolled, it can damage circulation to the major organs, most significantly the heart, kidneys, and brain. The management of HBP often involves behavioral changes and dietary modifications, along with a regimen of antihypertensive medications that require close follow-up from a health care provider. Black men living in urban or impoverished communities have a high incidence of HBP, and they generally have poor access to health services and often do not seek care or remain in treatment.
Specifics: 1- predicting susceptibility of persons with high blood pressure to early organ damage, 2-personalizing strategies to promote disease management and cardiovascular health, 3- preempting long-term health risks from high blood pressure and related chronic conditions. Reducing high blood pressure (HPB) among inner –city black men

Career in Brief: MSN Nursing education 2008
Adjunct Professor 2004-2006 Bowie State University
Adjunct Professor 2005-2007 Montgomery College
Assistant Professor University of the District of Columbia 2008

Career in Brief: PhD, Hispanic Literatures, George Washington University, l982
Professor of Spanish & Latin American Literature, University of the District of Columbia including predecessor institution – District of Columbia Teachers College 1968).