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Faculty/Staff Profiles

CAS | CAUSES | SBPA | SEAS | CC | Administrative Services

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)

Valbona Bejieri, Ph.D. , Associate Professor                                                            

Prediction Inference, Bayesian Methods, Experimental Design, Survey Methodology, Applications in the field of Biostatistics, Environmental and Social Studies

Kimberly Bell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor                                                                    

Health Behaviors, Cardiac Activity, Cognition and Neural Correlates

Angela Bullock, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Technology in Social Work Education and Practice, Informal Caregiving, Co-ed Mental Health

Wanda M. Colston, Ph.D., Professor

Language and Learning, Multicultural Communication

Abdi Darai, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Chaos and Fractais, Differential Equations

Angelyn Spaulding Flowers, J.D., Ph.D., Professor

Development and utilization of computer models and computer-based simulations to examine social destabilization phenomenon such as crime or terrorism within a complex systems framework.

Pamela Hampton-Garland, Ph.D., Assistant Professor                

Gifted and Talented Education Advocacy, College and Career Readiness

Sylvia I. B. Hill, Ph.D., Professor

Use of research and community organizing techniques to mobilize communities to work on public safety. In particular, developing a geo-spatial neighborhood intervention model to reduce homicide, vehicular theft, and other indices of decaying neighborhoods.

Brandy Huderson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Mammary gland breast cancer, Steroid Receptor biology

Amanda Huron, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Urban Geography, Cooperative Housing, Urban Commons, GIS, DC History

Arleen King-Berry, JD, Professor

Special Education

Judith Korey, M.A., Music Program Coordinator/Jazz Archives Curator                   

Preservation and Access, Presenting Music

Chereen Leid, B.S., Project Coordinator MSI-CBO                                             

HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, Alcohol Abuse, Campus Assaults

Maxine LeGail, M.S., Associate Professor

Communications Studies, Story Telling/Folk, African American English

Pamela Mertens, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Post Traumatic Stress

Carl Moore, Ph.D.,  Associate Professor

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Universal Design for Learning Inclusion, Educational Technology

Patricia M. Myers, Ed. D., Professor

Recruiting Effective Teachers: Identifying Qualities that Make a Difference. This research examines pre- and post-assessment data, self-identified personal attributes, and mentor assessments of participants in the District of Columbia Teacher Institute Program (DC-TIP), a Transition to Teaching grant-funded program.

Heidi Oliver-O'Gilvie, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Qualitative research on the work, lives and experiences of urban learners guided by highly-effective practitioners; work anchored in hip-hop, culturally relevant pedagogy and critical theory; collaborations in the field to craft manuscripts that include practical strategies for in-service practitioners.

Hailemichael Seyoum, Ph.D., Professor

Research in magnetism and magnetic materials, superconductivity, analyze and model magnetic hysteresis data, and atomic and molecular spectroscopy.

Wynn Yarbrough, Ph.D., Chair, Division Arts and Humanities/Associate

Children’s Literature, Children’s Poetry, Gender, Education Literacy, Modern American Poetry, British/Commonwealth Poetry

College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability& Environmental Sciences (CAUSES)

Anne Marie Jean-Baptiste, RN, CCRN, MSN, Assistant Professor

Reducing high blood pressure (HPB) among inner –city black men

Sapna Batheja, M.S., Project Specialist

Community Nutrition

Pier Broadnax, Ph.D., Associate Professor/Director, RN/BSN Program

Breast Cancer, Minority Women, Leadership Development for Baccalaureate

Mohamed A. Elhelu, Ph.D.

Environmental Health, Environmental Education (i.e. lead in drinking water, lead in house dust to the effect of organisms such as Giardia, Trichinella and Tyrpanosoma on human health

Xiaocuh Hu, Ph.D.  Project Specialist for Applied Economic Evaluation

Economic Development; Sustainable Development; Labor Economics; Immigration Policy

Claudia John, MHA.GER, Project Specialist

Seniors; Healthy Living, Life Style Chances; Women’s Health; Public Health

Dwane Jones, Ph.D. Director, Center for Sustainable Development

Environmental Science; Economic Analysis; Sustainable Science

Lillie Monroe-Lord, Ph.D., Director, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health Center

Obesity, Nutrition Education, Diabetes, Health Disparities, Food.

Sabine O'Hara, Dean, College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental SciencesPh.D.

Dr. O’Hara is a respected author, researcher and higher education executive and is well known for her expertise in sustainable economic development, global education and executive leadership.  Her research interest includes community development, environmental science, urban stability, health education, Nursing, Nutrition, Dietetics and Gerontology.

Lorraine Weller-Clarke, Ph.D., Project Specialist, Urban Agriculture

Bio-Diversity and Eco-System Services; Urban Agriculture Eco-Systems; Food Systems

Kamran Zendehdel, Ph.D. Assist. Dir., Center for Sustainable

Environmental Policy, Group Decision-Making Methods;  Community Engagement; Environmental Stability

School of Business and Public Administration (SBPA)

Nikolai V. Ostapenko, Ph.D., Associate Professor                                                                                                                        

Cross-border business transactions, globalization of entrepreneurship, evolution of international economic integration, and in a variety of aspects of transnational management and global marketing management.

Yolandra Plummer, Ph.D., Director, Counseling & Student Dev.

Human Service, Equal Rights in Higher Education, Working with Special Populations

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)

Abiose O. Adebayo, Ph.D., Professor/Chair

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Computational Structural Dynamics (CFD/CSD) method in the study of forced response and flutter of a turbomachinery row in the time domain.

Pradeep K. Behera, Ph. D., P.E., D.WRE, Associate Professor

Urban Stormwater Management, Non-point Source Pollution, Water Resources Engineering, Erosion and Sediment Control, Sustainable Urban Water Systems, Environmental Systems, Spatio-Temporal Informatics.

Paul Cotae, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Wireless mobile communication systems including B3G, CDMA/TDMA and 4G communication technologies, performance analysis, systems design, physical layer capability, the design of advanced communication algorithms, and recommendations for standards in B3G digital wireless communication systems.

Dong Hyun Jeong, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

HCI, Visual Analytics, Visualization, Cloud Computing, Physical Computing

Junwhan Kim, Ph.D., Assistant Professor                                                          

Distributed Systems; Software and Hardware Transactional Memory; Fault Tolerance; Wireless Networking; Cross-layer Optimization

Samuel Lakeou, Ph.D., Professor                                                                                

Solar Cell Efficiency, Laser Assisted Prototyping, Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin Films, Data Acquisition System Design, Renewable Energy Power Systems, VLSI Design

Lily R. Liang, Ph.D., Associate Professor                                                                         

Research interests include but are not limited to: data mining, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and digital image processing. In the past several years, she has been focusing on developing and applying algorithms in the biomedical field.

LaVonne Manning, M.S., Associate Professor                                                         

Educational research involving robotics, including the use of robotics as a way to attract and retain students in computer science and to encourage the pursuit of graduate studies

James C. Shakir, Ph.D., Assistant Professor                                                        

Distributed Application, Cloud Distribution, Network Security

Devdas Shetty, Ph.D., Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Mechatronics Design, Production Engineering and Design, Industrial Engineering and Design, Biomedical Research, Rehabilitation Suspension Systems,

Xueging Song, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Design and synthesis of derivatives of biologically potential organic and organometallic molecules aimed at enhancing their bioavailability and target selectivity; 2. Characterization of their structures using state-of-the-art spectroscopic, photo-physical, and electrochemical methods; Understanding of the relationship between the properties of the molecular components and their bioavailability, and then to use that knowledge to direct our synthetic efforts.

Lara Thompson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Postural Control, Balance Rehabilitation Devises/Aids, Prostheses Implants, Rehabilitation Robotics

Pawan Tyagi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Molecular Spintronics, Solar Cells, Biomedical Sensors, Nanomaterials based devices

Briana L. Wellman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor                                             

Multi-robots, Educational Robotics, Autonomous Systems

Byunggu Yu, Ph.D., Professor                                                                                                

Novel techniques for managing and accessing continuously changing information in space-time continuum and already proven techniques for managing low- to high-dimensional data presented in many publications in leading scientific forums in Computer Science.

Ahmet Zeytinci, Ph.D. Professor

Numerical Methods in Structural Analysis, Vibrations, Plates and Shells, Foundation Design and Finite Element Analysis in Engineering Problems.

Yoa Yu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Public Transportation Planning

Nian Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Neural networks, fuzzy logic and their applications in autonomous robot navigation, signal processing, security, energy and power grid, and related fields, and VLSI/FPGA design.

UDC Community College (UDC-CC)

Robyn Ellis, M.A., Director, College Readiness and Community Outreach    

College Readiness, Community Outreach

Kimberly Ford, MPA., Dean, Workforce Development and Life Long Learning

Workforce Development, Lifelong Learning

Yolanda Harris, M.Ed., Division Director, Business Department                       

Business, Marketing, Business Education, Fashion

Marilyn Hamilton, M.Ed.  Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs

Effective practices related to training prospective teachers to use technology in the classroom, and the use of electronic portfolios in teacher preparation programs; 1. The effect of a single course, Technology for Teachers, on teacher candidates' use of technology in the classroom during and after student teaching.
2. What does the electronic portfolio tell us about the teacher candidate's capacity to impact student learning, and the belief that all students can learn?

Sandra Jowers-Barber, Ph.D., Director, Humanities Division                                

Interpreting, documenting and chronicling the history of the African American Deaf Community

Administrative Units

Scott King, M.S., M.S.,
Associate Professor/Program Coordinator

Student Development, Servant Leadership, Management Education, Hospitality Industry, Experiential Education, Study Abroad

Harold Obiakor, M.D. Adjunct Professor (Science/Math)

The control and eradication malaria parasites, Prevention of placental malaria, Infant Mortality

Beverly Bennett-Roberts, Ph.D. Adjunct Prof., ECLT Program Advisor  

Early Childhood

Edith R. Westfall, D.Sc. Associate Dean, Workforce Development and Life Long Learning

Workforce Development, Lifelong Learning

Katherine S. Broderick, JD, Dean, David A. Clarke School of Law                      

Legal Education, Poverty and Inequality, First Amendment, Pro Bono Legal Services, Legal Education, Poverty and Inequality, First Amendment, Pro Bono Legal Services

Nancy Carlson, Ph.D., Coordinator, Counseling Graduate Program

Gifted and Talented Education (advocacy for underrepresented populations), Differentiated Counseling needs in the Schools.

Serena Butler-Johnson, Psy.D., Director, Counseling and Student Development Center

Women’s Issues, Mental Health, Expressive Therapy, Psycho-Therapy, Suicide Prevention, Body Image, Eating Disorders, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Working with diverse populations, Mind/Body Connections

Ayana Elliott, DPN, Health Services Director                                                     

HIV/AIDS, Health Issues

Sislena Ledbetter, Ph.D., Director, Counseling/Student Development                

Leadership, Diversity, HIV/AIDS, Domestic4 Violence, Behavioral Health