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Office of Real Estate and Facilities

Erik ThompsonActing Vice President, Office of Facilities and Real Estate39/301202.274.6919 (W)              202.570.3490 (C)
Joann Ross- ThomasExecutive Assistant39/301-P202.274-6409 (W)
Cassandra ParkerCapital Program Officer38/C01-I202.274.5669 (W) 202.834.5890 (C)
Gwendolyn GregoryStaff Assistant38/301-P202.274.6407 (W)

Campus Services

Alvin VensonDirector, Operations and Maintenance38/C21202.274.6361 (W) 202.345.2131 (C)
Andargeh BelachewSupervisor, Facilities Manager38/C01-E202.274.5338 (W) 202.438.2181 (C )

Capital Procurement Division

Eddie WhitakerProcurement Manager38/C04-C202.274.6913 (W)
Michiko GadsonCapital Procurement Agent38/C04-D202.274.5191 (W)

Capital Construction Division

Alex GarrettCapital Project Manager38/C01-D202.274.5353 (W) 202.207.4172 (C)
Alan WalshCapital Project Manager38/C01-A202.274.6641 (W) 703.328.0891 (C)
Sada AnandCapital Project Manager38/C01-C202.274.6884 (W) 202.409.4725 (C)
Surinder KhannaCapital Project Manager38/C01703.400.4834
Joanna EdwardsCapital Project Manager38/C01-B202.274.5025 (W)
202.253-4471 ( C )
Clifford ReevesCapital Project Manager38/

Shipping & Receiving

LeVita BassettManager, Liaison Officer 39/C04 -A202.274.5555 (W) 202.438.0034 (C)
James EwingShipping and Receiving Manager39/C09202.274.6150 (W) 202.409.5385 (C)

Auxiliary Services

Shauna BrewAuxiliary Services Business Manager39/C04 -A202.274.5777 (W) 202.570.0034 (C)
Pat ChisleyCoordinator of Space Reservations & Auditorium Manager38/A08202.274.5576 (W) 202.409.2572 (C)
Deniece CliffordManager of Operations and Event Services38/A08202.274.5264 (W)

Cable TV

Edward Jones, Jr.General Manager 202.274.7441 (W)
Cheryl Lewis-HawkinsProgram Production Coordinator 202.274.5302 (W)
Danilo IkenberryTelevision Production Assistant 202.274.6038 (W)