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Efficiency and Effectiveness Initiative

The Efficiency Initiative is of paramount importance to the University.  We are taking action to run things more effectively, provide better service, and make the best use of public resources.
   ~ Dr. Allen Sessoms, UDC President

You Can Help!

We are always looking for suggestions and ideas to improve our operations and services at UDC.  Do you have a suggestion for improving efficiency and the overall effectiveness of the University?  Send us your ideas by email to

Efficiency and Effectiveness Initiative



The University of the District of Columbia is engaging in a University-wide initiative to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the University.  Successful University efficiency initiatives have shown that it is possible to cut significant costs, while improving processes/services and maintaining/improving educational quality and productivity.

The goals of this effort are to:

  • Identify and implement specific efficiency improvements that will streamline and strengthen administrative processes and productivity and advance academic excellence
  • Generate cost-savings that are reinvested to support key University initiatives
  • Create and nurture a culture of change, data-driven decision making, and accountability

Savings to Date

Since the launch of the Efficiency Initiative in January 2011, the efficiency work group is expecting to see significant cost savings.  We are estimating around $1M in savings in Round 1 of the Efficiency and Effectiveness Initiative.

Some initiatives improve processes and effectiveness as opposed to direct cost savings, which is also a crucial component of the Efficiency Initiative.  Also, initiatives can take time to implement before cost-savings are realized.

Efficiency Initiative Report I

In August, 2011, the Efficiency Work Group released the Efficiency Report I, a report detailing the purpose, approach, and initiatives of Round I of the Efficiency and Effectiveness Initiative.  Please view a link to the report on the left menu.