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MAT in Secondary Social Studies

The MAT in Secondary Social Studies prepares teacher candidates to teach social studies (history, geography, world cultures, etc.) in grades 7-12. Coursework is held in evening hours to accommodate working professionals. Field experiences -which take place in P-12 school settings - require some daytime availability.

For a full-time student, pre-service requirements can be completed in Fall I, Spring I, and Summer I. The induction year consists of Fall II and Spring II. Recommended semesters for each course are indicated in parentheses. Part-time students may work through pre-service requirements at their own pace, but must complete all pre-service requirements in order to be eligible for the induction year of full-time, paid teaching.

Foundations of Urban Education Strand:
Courses that prepare you to make a difference with diverse, high-needs learners.

  • EDUC 500: Introduction to Urban Teaching (1 credit, Fall I)
  • EDUC 501: Human Development, Learning, and Motivation in Classroom Context (3 credits; Fall I)
  • EDUC 502: Case Studies in Effective Urban Teaching (3 credits; Fall I)
  • EDUC 503: Culture, Context, and Critical Pedagogy in Urban Classrooms (3 credits; Spring I)
  • EDUC 504: Portfolio Capstone: Planning, Reflection, and Professionalism (3 credits; Summer I/Session II)

Content-Area Pedagogy Strand:
Courses that prepare you for the specific grade or subject you wish to teach.

  • EDRD 505: Teaching Adolescent Readers (3 credits; Fall I)
  • EDCI 561: Scope and Methods of Teaching History (3 credits; Fall I)
  • EDCI 562: Scope and Methods of Teaching Social Studies (3 credits; Spring I)

Field Experiences Strand:
Courses that build the skills of effective teaching through first-hand observations and actual teaching in P-12 settings.

  • EDTE 501: Practicum I: Observation in Diverse Urban Classrooms (3 credits; Spring I)
  • EDTE 502: Practicum II: Student Teaching (6 credits: Summer I/Session I)
  • EDTE 601: Supervised Teaching I (3-6 credits; Fall II)
  • EDTE 602: Supervised Teaching II (3-6 credits; Spring II)

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