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Counseling and Student Development Center

“Supporting a Healthy Learning Environment”

Main Office
Building 39, Suite 120
phone 202.274.6000

UDC Campaign 9:30 - Be the One That Beats the Clock

World AIDS Day 2014

Calendar of Events

10/14/14 - Campaign 9:30 Office Meeting12/1/14 - WORLD AIDS DAY - Tabling & Testing
10/30/14 - Campaign 9:30 Meet & Greet12/3/14 - Classroom Presentation
11/3/14 - Weekly - General Info Tabling12/4/14 - Weekly - General Info Tabling
11/5/14 - Classroom Presentation12/9/14 - Weekly - General Info Tabling
11/11/14 - Weekly - General Info Tabling1/9/15 - General Info Tabling & Testing
11/13/14 - SPE Capacity Building Training - 4.0 Lounge2/6/15 - Blacks & HIV Tabling & Testing
11/17/14 - Weekly - General Info Tabling2/7/15 - HIV Awareness Ball / Fundraiser
11/18/14 - Melting the Stigma - 4.0 Lounge3/10/15 - Women & Girls Tea
11/20/14 - SPE Capacity Building Training - 4.0 Lounge 
11/25/14 - Weekly - General Info Tabling 

Through a subcontract with SAMHSA, The University of the District of Columbia (UDC), Division of Student Affairs, Counseling and Student Development Center received funding to build and sustain a premier initiative on campus - CAMPAIGN 9:30. CAMPAIGN 9:30 focuses on awareness raising activities related to HIV/AIDS and substance abuse prevention.

CAMPAIGN 9:30 logo represents the fact "every 9/12 minutes someone is infected with HIV/AIDS."   This endeavor is a student peer educator (SPE) training program designed to educate the UDC community about the risk and protective factors associated with substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis through a series of unique, creative, and evidence-based practices.

CAMPAIGN 9:30 is based on the Social Learning and Role theories and has three primary goals. 1) to increase education and awareness of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and substance abuse, 2) to increase the number of students who get tested on campus, and 3) to increase the use of protective behaviors around sexual activity.

CAMPAIGN 9:30 features extensive collaborations with internal and external partners.  Some of the partners include UDC Health Services, Metro TeenAIDS, Planned Parenthood of Washington, Whitman Walker Clinic, Al Sura, Black Lesbian and Gay Support Group, DC Department of Health and a host of other external, and campus units, clubs, and organizations.

In 2009/10 approximately 10 peer educators reached more than 3,083 students through CAMPAIGN 9:30.  Thousands attended events, received training and giveaways through student peer-led efforts.  Programs and outreach activities included athletic games, homecoming functions, leadership workshops and educational forums.

To evaluate The Campaigns progress, Student Peer Educators administered 10-item pre-post-test based on the SPE training.    Respondents were 64% female and 36% male.  90.6% said they were black/African American (including international), 1.6% marked White, 5.5% marked Hispanic, and 2.2% said they were Asian/Pacific Islander.

If you are currently experiencing a mental health emergency or are concerned about your own safety or the safety of someone else, please do not delay.  Call 911 for immediate help.

Regular Hours
By Appointment:  Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM

Every student's sense of privacy is important to us.  For adult students (over 18), we do not release personal information without written consent, except in emergency situations where information is needed to protect health and safety.

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