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Counseling and Student Development Center

“Supporting a Healthy Learning Environment”

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Building 39, Suite 120
phone 202.274.6000

Regular Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9am - 5pm |
Wednesday: 9am - 7pm

Call or walk-in to schedule an initial consultation today!  If you are currently experiencing a mental health emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room for immediate help.

Bounce Back Retention Program

What is the Bounce Back Retention Program?

  • Bounce Back is a structured, empirically-driven, strength-based, multidimensional group program which was initially developed at San Diego State University to help students “bounce back” from being placed on academic probation.
  • This program involves weekly, one-hour meetings and spans over the majority of a semester (about 12-15 weeks).
  • The Bounce Back Retention Program aims to support students in identifying and strengthening the healthy parts of themselves.  In doing so, it is hoped that students will feel increasingly confident in their ability to manage themselves effectively in their academic lives as well as their lives outside of UDC.

What happens during Bounce Back?

  • The group facilitator and peer coach guide students through their individual workbooks and a specific chapter or module each week.  Each module consists of didactic learning opportunities as well as experiential activities, so students may practice the skills or ideas which have been taught.
  • Areas covered in the workbook include, but are not limited to, the following: identifying and understanding traits of resilience; developing and improving stress management, time management, and study skills; and identifying and building self-awareness, social supports, and adaptive self-care techniques. 

What makes Bounce Back unique?

  • Bounce Back is not a class, and it is also not group psychotherapy.  It is a supportive space which combines the structure of a classroom setting and set curriculum with the opportunity for students to support one another through their academic challenges.
  • Students are not given a grade for participating but do earn incentives, such as free Counseling Center “swag” along the way.

What have students said about Bounce Back?

  • “Bounce Back helps students understand resiliency and its purpose.”
  • “I believe that it is very beneficial to students who are struggling.”
  • “Bounce Back is an outlet and way to let go of stress with someone who knows the stresses of a college student.”
  • “It helped develop my studying techniques in various courses.”

What have students gotten from completing the Bounce Back program?

  • “Bounce Back was an amazing experience. I made Dean's List. Thank you.”
  • “I gained the ability to manage the stress in my life and I also learned to change the way I think.”
  • “An understanding that stress is real and can discourage you from achieving goals.”

If you are interested in joining a Bounce Back group for the Fall 2015 Semester, please call Dr. Jill Fay at 202.274.6991 today!

If you are currently experiencing a mental health emergency or are concerned about your own safety or the safety of someone else, please do not delay.  Call 911 for immediate help.

Every student's sense of privacy is important to us.  For adult students (over 18), we do not release personal information without written consent, except in emergency situations where information is needed to protect health and safety.