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Division of Land-Grant Programs

The Land-Grant Division of CAUSES offers research-based community education and professional certification programs that are delivered through five centers: the Center for Urban Agriculture and Gardening Education, the Center for Sustainable Development which includes the Water Resources Research Institute; the Center for 4-H and Youth Development which includes the Institute of Gerontology;  the Center for Nutrition, Diet and Health; the Architectural Research Institute.

Each of the Centers offers programs and services that are designed to work directly and collaboratively with the neighborhoods where we are located and to enrich the lives of District of Columbia residents. The five Centers also offer a range of assessment services to residents and community groups including nutrition education, soil testing, water quality monitoring, lead abatement and gardening demonstrations. Collectively the Centers offer over 2,000 programs and serve more than 150,000 participants annually.

Center for Urban Agriculture & Gardening Education
Gardening and Urban Agriculture

  • Master Gardening
  • Specialty and Ethnic Crops
  • Urban Forestry

Center for Sustainable Development
Green Entrepreneurship

  • Small Business Development
  • Green Technology

Green Infrastructure

  • Air
  • Water
  • Soil/Waster

Water Resources Research Institute
National Capital Region Watershed Stewards Academy
Stormwater Management and Planning
Water Quality Education
Water Safety Training

Center for Diet, Nutrition and Health
DC Professional Food Managers/Food Handler Certification Program
District of Columbia Water Blind Taste Testing Research Project
Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)
Farmers' Market Nutrition Education Program
Food Demonstrations and Cooking Classes
Food Safety Education
Kids Cooking Classes
Nutrition, Diet and Health Seminars
Nutrition on Demand
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed)
Team Nutrition Project

Institute of Gerontology

Senior Companion/Respite Aid
Bodywise program
In Home Helper Program

Center for 4-H and Youth Development

4-H Clubs
4-H Living Interactive Family Education (4-H LIFE)
Common Measures
4-H International Networks    
4-H Summer Camp
EnvironMentors Program
LifeSmarts Consumer Education for Teenagers
Operation Military Kids

Architectural Research Institute 

Building Rehabilitation
Green Building Codes
Urban Planning

College of Urban Agriculture and Environmental Studies (CAUSES)

CAUSES Academic Programs

RN to BS in Nursing – Dr. Pier Broadnax, Program Director
Nutrition and Dietetics - Dr. Prema Ganganna, Program Director
Urban Architecture and Community Planning - Dr. Susan Kliman, Program Director
PSM in Water Resources Management - Dr. Tolessa Deksissa, Director
Health Education - John Slack, Program Director

CAUSES Land-grant Programs

Center for Urban Agriculture & Gardening Education – Che' Axum, Director
Center for Sustainable Development – Dr. Dwane Jones, Director
Water Resources Research Institute – Dr. Tolessa Deksissa, Director
Center for Nutrition, Diet and Health - Dr. Lillie Monroe-Lord, Director
Institute of Gerontology - Claudia John, Director
Center for 4-H and Youth Development – Rebecca Bankhead, Director
Architectural Research Institute - Clarence Pearson, Director

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