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The program leads to a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a combined curriculum offering the basic knowledge of society provided by sociology and anthropology. Given the convergence of the disciplines and the increasing globalization and multiculturalism of modern societies, the student needs to be acquainted with the information and concepts provided in both of these areas.

The program of study provides a comparative analysis of cultures, institutions, and social interaction. Students acquire knowledge of social processes and policy issues as they study social units ranging in size from small groups to global systems. Courses focus on such aspects of society as belief systems, socialization practices, the family, bureaucratic organizations, social control, and social movements and change. Students are trained to conduct research and are provided opportunities for hands-on experience through field placement in the community. The research component is a central part of the program, providing knowledge based on direct experience developing research skills which are in demand.

The curriculum prepares its majors for graduate training in sociology, anthropology and several related disciplines, and for careers in a variety of professions. The courses also serve other students, providing an understanding of social interaction and social institutions and leading to increased self-awareness and understanding of others. Consequently, students learn to work more effectively with others and with the organizations in which they work and live.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Total Credit Hours of College-Level Courses Required for Graduation: 120

Required Courses for Sociology Program:

Course NumberCourse Name 
SOCY - 111Introduction to Sociology3
ANTH - 113Introduction to Anthropology3
SOCY - 320Research Methods3
SOCY - 321Statistics for Social Research3
SOCY - 394Critical Analysis and Writing in the Social Sciences3
SOCY - 470Development of Social Theory or3
ANTH - 474Anthropological Theories in Perspective3
 Sociology and Anthropology Electives15

Additional Requirements:
A minimum grade of "C" is required in all sociology and anthropology courses. Students are advised to take the Elementary Statistics course as their second required mathematics course before taking Statistics for Social Research.